Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Reading List

Anna's Books

Completed this month:
  • Mother by Kathleen Norris - This is a beautiful little book, an older classic revised by Jennie Chancy for Vision Forum. It gives the touching story of one woman's search to find fulfillment away from home, and her eventual realization that her mother's work has been the most worthwhile of them all.
  • Pearl of Beauty complied by Natalie Nyquist (now Klein) - A lovely compilation of stories that encourage us in our quest for purity. I wrote a more lengthy review on it here.
  • Systematic Theology by Wade Grudem - I've been reading through this book as part of my home education for this year. I started in August, and finished page 1234 the middle of January. I'm also currently going through it as part of The Rebelution forum's book study. It is very long, but it's worth it, and I've enjoyed reading more of the whys of what I believe.
  • Seventh Day by Bodie and Brock Thoene - This is the 7th book in the A.D. Chronicles series, an exciting series set in the times of Jesus. It continued the stories and characters, focusing mainly on the story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. This whole series has been fun to read, as they delve into the meaning of different Hebrew words and give personal lives to all of the people recorded as being healed by Jesus in the Gospels. They also stay pretty true to the Biblical account, which I really appreciate. However, some of the subject material makes the series not for younger readers.
  • The On My Own Principles by Bob Biel - Miriam Lofgren recommended and loaned me this book. It's filled with principles from various people to give young people good things to live by.
  • A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall - Having seen the movie by the same name and having the book recommended to me by Ella, I borrowed this book from the Harts and read it on vacation. It was a very inspiring biography about the life of a wonderful, Godly man. His day-to-day experiences as well as his sermons were very enjoyable and interesting to read.

Currently reading:

  • Psalm 91: God's Shield of Protection by Peggy Joyce Ruth - This is my mom's new favorite book, and she's been giving it out to many people. It does a verse-by-verse study of Psalm 91 and how we can claim it for protection, and gives many amazing accounts of people who have witnessed miracles as a result of praying this Psalm.
  • Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper - Having finished Systematic Theology, I'm now going through other theological books as a part of my education.
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen - This is a book Elijah recommended, and it has many tips and tools for achieving "The art of stress-free productivity". However, it's not the most interesting book there is, so I'm having a hard time getting it done! =)

Miriam's Books

Completed this month:

  • Middlemarch by George Eliot - Having been on a George Eliot kick, I received this book for Christmas and really enjoyed it. It tells of the consequences for a hasty marriage without thought. But it does have a happy ending.
  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - A poor young orphan is told that he will inherit some money. He is raised up in society and by the end of the book is brought down again. It was hard to get into at first, but by halfway through, I was thoroughly engrossed.
  • Enoch's Ghost by Brian Davis - The 2nd book in the Oracles of Fire series was as good as I had hoped. The allegorical Christian fantasy series, Dragons in our Midst is a companion series and I highly recommend both. Christ isn't put in a corner and only mentioned a few times, but He is who most of the characters live by.
  • Pearl of Beauty by Natalie Nyquist - A collection of beautiful stories that made me long to know some of the girls in the tales.

Currently reading:

  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen - Probably Austen's least popular book, I am enjoying my second reading of it. A poor girl comes to live with relatives and is brought up among them. She grows in to a sweet, considerate and pure young lady. She has some trials or tests of character through which she remains always pure. Some say that she is too good, but I have come to love what Fanny Price represents.


Ella said...

I am reading Northanger Abbey also at the moment...and working on Pearl of Beauty. I hope to do mine tomorrow sometime!

Ella said...

Oops....I thought I read that wrong. You are reading Mansfield Park. Actually, I think people dieslike Northanger Abbey the most. (Or the people I have talked to) I loved M.P!

Anna Naomi said...

Enjoy Pearl of Beauty, Ella. It's great!

Miriam, the picture you put with this post is beautiful! Old-fashioned pictures are so fun! Where did you find it?

I remember when I read Great Expectations - it took me a while to get through it! The first part is the hardest to get into. Oh - and would you loan me the Oracles of Fire books you have, that is when the others in your family are through with them. =) I didn't know that Bryan Davis had come out with a new series.

Here's another bonus about posting our lists: I get to see if there's any books I want to borrow from Miriam! ;-)

Maria Pauline said...

I will soon be done with House of Seven Gables. I don't like it as much as other classics...

Mansfield Park sounds fascinating to me. I've yet to read any Austen though I have P&P and S&S.

I'm searching my library system right now to see if they have the A.D. chronicles or Pearl of Beauty.
Yippee! I found all the A.D. chronicles! I'll request the first one right away. Looks like I have some reading to do...


Ella said...

I wanted you girls to know that I gave you "the blogging with a purpose award." You can see on my blog!

Nella Camille said...

I actaully disliked Mansfield Park a lot. It didn't come as a surprise to me that it was one of the earlier novels. I thought it was poorly written. I actually liked Northanger Abbey a lot more, but Pride and Prejuduce was definintly the best!!

And isn't SysTheo just lovely?! =D

Every blessing,
~Nella Camille

Anna Naomi said...

Maria Pauline: I read The House of Seven Gables recently as well, and really didn't enjoy it that much! Other classics (such as Jane Austen's!) are definitely better.

Ella: Thank you! You're very kind!

Nella Camille: Yes, Systematic Theology is great! I've enjoyed being in the book study with you and reading your thoughts on it. I guess people have different preferences in regards to books. =) I enjoyed Mansfield Park but could never get into (and didn't even finish - I'll have to try again) Northanger Abbey. Yes, P&P is definitely the best!