Monday, January 07, 2008

God Made It All

The above video is a poem that I wrote on December 27th, 2007 as we drove into Nebraska, seeing the beautiful landscape fresh with pure, white snow. As with my other poems, this one just came to me, placed in my heart by God. That is, the first lines came to me; after that I had to figure out rhyming words! But God kept inspiring what I wrote. Almost immediately I had the idea to make the poem into a video, alive with drama and beautiful pictures of God's creation. Elijah was very kind to help me videotape me saying it, and I passed a lovely hour piecing it together and finding the best pictures for each part. It's so nice when things I've seen inside my head come together!

Below is the text of the poem that is dramatized in the video:

God Made It All

Today there is a movement
Alive in many lands,
To try to prove God's Word false
And dismiss His Mighty Hand.

They say that by some random chance,
Molecules formed in a Big Bang.
They claim that through such happenstance,
Life just suddenly... became.

"Over millions of years," they state,
"Man and beast slowly evolved."
In the making of such intricate form,
They say, "God wasn't involved."

But I don't believe their claims
That we're here for no purpose at all.
I believe God's written Account
About Creation by His call.

"But how do you know," you may doubt,
"Surely you weren't there!"
No, but I see God's touch
In His masterpieces everywhere.

I see it in a falling snowflake,
Unique from all the others;
Drifting down to the ground
Where it covers the world's colors.

I see it in a newborn babe
Sleeping peacefully in his bed;
His perfect toes and fingers,
His button nose and downy head.

Surely you can see it
In a delicately formed flower;
Its fragile petals, alive with color,
Bursting forth after the rain shower.

The human hand does show it
In its intricate design;
Its use is perfect, its fingerprint
Different from yours to mine.

You can see it in the sunsets
And the tall and stately trees.
The mountains show it in majesty,
As do the wings of birds and bees.

Each action of the brain
Is miraculous - amazing!
To think, to speak, to sing -
To say they evolved is crazy!

The heavens themselves proclaim
Declarations of their Creator.
The entire world groans,
Longing for its Savior.

My answer to those who ask,
"From where did this world fall?"
"It wasn't by chance or accident.
No - God made it all."

You can see a larger version of the video on GodTube here.


Victoria said...

Praise and Glory to God ! Please DO watch the video ! Anna had shown me the poem, which is wonderful, but when she actually SPOKE the words and added the accompanying photos, LIFE comes forth in a POWERFUL way as you hear and see The Lord's magnificence that only HE can display !

God, You are SO GOOD !

Love, Anna's Mom

Robert said...

A good poem! Saying the words and adding pictures help to make the poem come alive.

Ella said...

Anna, the Lord has certainly blessed you with a way of words! I agree with everything you said!

Miriam Rebekah said...

That's wonderful!

Making a video of the poem was really creative! Now that my Internet is up I can finally see it.
You should do it with some of your other longer poems.

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks you all. =) God truly inspired it.

Actually, Miriam, I first thought of taping "A True and Godly Woman" before I'd even written this one. I'd still like to do it, but want to wait until the spring, when there's beautiful flowers outside. Actually, I'd like to have us both in it, if it works out. =)

Elijah Lofgren said...

GREAT JOB ANNA! You did a really nice job weaving in the pictures! :)

Love ya,

Your brother Elijah