Thursday, January 03, 2008

God has been faithful

I wrote the following in my journal on January 1st, as we drove towards home...

It's the first day of a new year, a time that always seems to put me in a reflective mood. It's good to look back on the year that has passed, and look forward to the year to come.

The year 2007 has passed more quickly than any before; so much has happened and filled it's days, that the time has fairly flown away. It seems that the older I grow, the more swiftly time passes; but, that is life. I hope, that as I've grown in age, I've also grown in maturity, wisdom, and fear of the Lord.

If there's just one thing that I really marks 2007, it is God's faithfulness. Over these past 12 months, my Father has proved faithful time and time again. It hasn't been easy; this year has been a hard time of growing and learning more of life's lessons. Yet, through what I think of as hardships - which really are things so easy compared to what most others face - through these things God has taught me the most. And now, on the other side, I can look back and be truly thankful for it all. I have been so blessed.

The most trying of the past year would have to be the battle I faced with tendonitus. All of my life I have danced, danced and enjoyed dancing to the fullest. From the tottering steps of a little girl twirling around the house, to the worship moves of a child as part of a praise dance group, to the girl of 11 finally able to take ballet lessons, I have danced. When the pain started in my left ankle the end of January 2007, I ignored it; after all, ballet involves minor aches and pains, and I thought I had merely overworked it. I became more careful about not stressing it, and thought that with a little rest, it would surely recover. But... it didn't. The pain got worse and stretched on throughout the spring. I wore a brace, t
ook breaks as much as possible, and stopped pointe, desperately hoping it would heal. I prayed and prayed for a swift recovery, asking God to touch and strengthen my ankle. Yet, it continued throbbing, and I faced the possibility of having to give up ballet, the art I so enjoyed. It was so hard, as the weeks went by with no improvement. I spent much time praying and searching, and fully relinquished my dancing to the Lord. If He wanted me to continue, I would. If not, I prayed for the strength to accept it.

Ever since the Ballet Magnficat! Intensive of 2006, I had been planning to return the next summer with my "twin", Jennifer. It was all arranged before January, so though my ankle wasn't entirely better in June, it seemed best to keep going w
ith our plans. With visits to a chiropractor to help my ankle, ice applications, and soothing gel and oil to rub on it, along with almost exclusive rest and lots of prayer, it did begin to strengthen in the weeks before the intensive. I was blessed by the two weeks of dancing, and God helped me dance, though the tendonitus continued to act up a little. I was encouraged and learned many things. Coming home, I rested more, and God helped my ankle truly heal. It didn't seem as though He was ready for me to give up dancing either... This fall semester has seen me dancing even more than before with no pain, though my ankle isn't yet quite as strong as before.

This past year has been full of many things, most noticeably for me, the ability to use the gifts in dance and drama that God has given me. From The King's Praise Celebration 2007 to Ruth: From Rejection to Redemption, to Mary: Chosen by God, my Savior has led me step-by-step. It's been hard, but He has been faithful to give me strength and grace to carry on.

I have learned other lessons in this year. I've learned to wait and trust God in uncertainty. I've learned that I can't do things on my own, and that I need help from others to do anything worthwhile. I've learned the blessing of family and t
he value of true friendships.

Through it all, God has been faithful.

So, now I look forward to the year ahead. I hope that in 2008 I shall learn even more of waht God has for me. I pray that I shall learn to rely and follow Jesus even more.

There will be big changes for me in 2008. The biggest milestone will be my graduation from homeschool high and all that will follow it. This summer will ce
lebrate my 18th birthday, a day that seems to have come so quickly! But, it will be exciting!

2007 has been a good year. However, I pray that 2008 will be even better!


Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Life is hard. Never give up! There is always hope in God. You're doing great!

I'm so glad you're my sister!

May God bless you as you follow Him and each day brings us closer to eternal joy, hope, and peace in Heaven.

Love ya sis,


Ella said...

Anna, it has been such a blessing to get to know you this past year. I have prayed for you in 2007, and I will continue to in 2008.

(Wouldn't it be great if this year brough us meeting up?! we could pray in person together!)

Jennifer said...
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thepatriot said...

Thank you for such an awesome summer, Anna. It was such a blessing to dance and grow together! I'm excited to see what the Lord teaches us this year.

Miriam Rebekah said...

That's sweet of you to share your journal entry.

I ditto Elijah in saying Never give up!

God will guide you in all the decisions you will make in the coming year. Love you dear!