Monday, December 10, 2007

Of Bows and Bustles

The Nutcracker is finally over! After many rehearsals and a long Saturday, with a dress rehearsal and 2 shows resulting in me being gone all day, I'm glad to have one less thing on my plate. My teacher's requested that I make my dress a bit more flashy, with bows and bustles. So, last Saturday I spent a few hours tying around 25 bows and sewing them on. I liked the simpler look, but the dress turned out pretty well with the additions.

My day on Saturday started at 5:30 a.m., with my alarm going off way too early. Rising, having devotions and eating quickly, I soon began trying to put on enough makeup for stage - something I'm not very good at. Eventually I decided enough was enough, for mom had to curl my hair. It took a while, since my hair was quite long, so I was hurrying out the door, pausing just a moment for dad to snap these pictures.

It was 7:15 a.m. and I was tired and hurried, so my expression isn't the best! =) The loopy bows were pretty, but a pain, for they kept getting caught on things. Two of them ripped off a different times, so I kept my trusty needle close at hand.

I thought the bustle was a little weird, but it was the style back then. With many safety pins and lots of tulle, I finally got it formed.

I do like the curls, though they take a while to fix. I don't like the clip-on earrings, for they're very painful! But, since I don't have my ears pierced, they just had to work.


PoetLady said...

Clip on earrings do hurt. At your age, I cared about earrings but I got bleeding sores from the clip on ones.

I was all set to get my ears pierced at 18 and then I was told I had Behcet's which might have complicated the ear piercing.

So I never got mine pierced and (for ME) I don't really miss having them pierced.

You still can, I know some enjoy it but it's a good reminder that what seems so important today (whether piercing or just that shirt I really wanted but didn't buy today) may not be something I have any interest in in a year. Time (and God) can clarify a lot.

(NOTICE: I am NOT saying you shouldn't get the pierced, your comment just reminded me of my past and of how I, not necessarily something you need to work on, but I need to be more content in my moment, in my current life.)


Claire said...

Very lovely, Anna!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Great dress! You did a goo job!

I am wondering about your non-pierced ears. Is it simply because of your fathers wishes that you do not have them pierced, or your own decision too because of your beliefs? I do not have mine pierced either and never want too! Just wondering.

Luke said...

Your hair looks beautiful! :)

Miriam Rebekah said...

The performance was wonderful, Anna!

Anna Naomi said...

Maria: I don't really care for earrings as much as I used to. It just would be nice for cases like these when I have to wear them. Clip-ons are painful! I took them off as much as I could when I wasn't on stage.

The Chatty Housewife: My dad just doesn't like pierced ears - it's just something with him. Something about growing up in Africa, where only the "loose" women had pierced ears or something. He says "If God made you to have holes in your ears, He would have put them there!" =) He says I can pierce my ears when I'm 21 if I want, but by then I'll probably just wait until I'm married and see what my husband wants.

Christopher said...


Very nice blog. Your father is not the only one with the belief about pierced ears. Clement of Alexandria, a father of the early Church agreed saying, "Let not their ears be pierced, contrary to nature, in order to attach to them earrings" and "The Word prohibits us from doing violence to nature by boring the lobes of the ears." Many more wrote on this topic as well.

May God's peace be with you.

katie said...

I don't really see the point in wearing earrings, although I do like some of the earrings you see in stores. I absolutely adore your dress!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

No, actually I understand why one would not want pierced ears, but the way that you worded it in your post, made it sound like you would have them if it wasn't for your dad. I wanted to know your beliefs. I was just surprised because usually I respect the way you write and the way you wrote about your dad came across to me in a negative way. If my dad decided that I should not wear skirts shorter than the knee for example, I think I would refrain from telling others that I do it because my dad says so, but rather because it is a way to honor the Lord or even because it is modest. We are to obey our parents, and this is a way that we can honor the Lord! Anyways, no hard feelings or anything, this are just the feelings I was given as I read that part of your post.

Anna Naomi said...

The Chatty Housewife: I didn't mean to be disrespectful. It's kind of become a joke between my dad and me. However, I'll change the wording of the post, for I certainly wouldn't want to bring disrespect to him.

I understand that some people don't believe in having pierced ears. I'm not one of them - I think they're pretty - but I don't wish to offend those who think otherwise.

Thank you for showing me a place that I could change to reflect better on my dad. Again, I definitely didn't mean any disrespect by the wording.

Bonnie said...

Aww, you look beautiful in that dress! :)

I'm not allowed (my mum doesn't approve of it) to get my ears pierced, and although I could do it because I'm 18, I won't, because I honour my mum's oppinion, and I don't really feel comfortable wearing earrings anyway.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Anna- I didn't think you meant it that way, but it could be taken that way and I am glad you understand! :)

M said...

Hi. Remember that in several years' time you might even have a son who asks to pierce his ears. Your future husband might wear an earring, as well.

But it's up to you whether you want yours pierced.

Take care.