Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Look Back and A Step Forward

As this year draws to an end and a new one looms on the horizon, I sit back in shock at how fast the seventeenth year of my life has gone by. I remember how much more satisfactory piano camp was this year and how much I learned. I sigh with disappointment as I recall losing my favorite band teacher, but thank God for providing another. I'm glad that our concerts and the play are over and am thankful for the breather, but I can't wait to start working on new music next year! Our concerts have gone well this year and I thank God for the chance to be first flute in the orchestra before graduating. The orchestra concert went well, though I would have been thankful for a couple more weeks of practice. People kindly overlooked the small blunders and I think they enjoyed it. :)

Our choir recital was probably my favorite. As y'all know, I love singing and I really liked all the songs we sang (yes, even the Swahili one!). Mrs. G, our choir director, is so much fun. She's full of life and song and makes the practices very enjoyable. She may not think she's cool, but she is. She loves the Lord very much and I hope she continues the choir for many years.

Part of the choir went to Atlanta, GA at the beginning of this month to volunteer at the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) packing center. It was a memorable trip and I loved the work. I look forward to going back sometime, hopefully next year. The job that our group was assigned to was probably the easiest, but most time-consuming. We had to open up each box and check its contents for inappropriate objects or if there wasn't enough in it, put in filler objects. As I said, I really want to do this again and hope I can.

Due to her extreme busyness, Anna wasn't able to be with the choir this year. We all missed her (myself especially). But she came to our recital which I appreciated very much. Thanks Anna!

This is my last post for the year 2007 (that's why I made it especially long). ;)
I'm going to sit back and relax and enjoy the coming week with my family.

God bless everyone as we celebrate Christ's Day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Sheila said...

That's awesome, Miriam!!! Yeah, I volunteered with Operation Christmas child doing the same thing last year in Calgary! You're right, it is an amazing opportunity. :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Anna Naomi said...

I enjoyed reading your look back and seeing the pictures. I also enjoyed attending the two lovely concerts you were in! I missed being in the choir this year, but it would have been too much on top of everything else.

I'll miss being at New Year's, but hope you all have fun!