Monday, November 05, 2007

To Swing...

To Swing;
To soar through the sky,
Your legs giving you
the wings to fly.

To glide;
Onward and upward.
And free as a bird.

Pumping and leaning,
Back and forth.
Quickly swinging
To the South and North.

Feeling the rush -
The wind in your hair.
Leaving behind
Your troubles and care.

To twirl;
To go whirling around,
Turning in circles
Above the ground.

To spin;
To twist through the air,
Making revolutions
As fast as you dare.

Twisting and turning,
Feeling your best.
Facing the world
From East to West.

Feeling the thrill -
Excited and dizzy,
Forgetting your worries
While your hair becomes frizzy

To stretch to the sky,
Reaching the clouds,
Or to whirl through space,
Becoming unwound...

To swing.

~By Anna Naomi Lofgren~

Inspired by a trip to a park in Jackson, Mississippi on November 3rd, 2007. Pictures of Esther and Jubilee taken in September 2006.


Rebekah S. said...

Great poem! Did you write it? If so, you're talented! Oh, and I LOVE those dresses!

Anna S said...

I agree with Rebekah, those dresses are very pretty and feminine.

Anna Naomi said...

Yes, Rebekah, I wrote the poem. I guess I should add that to the post. =)

I agree- those dresses are some of my favorites!

Rebekah S. said...

Great job, Anna!! :) Could you give me the pattern # for those dresses? Thank you so much!

Robert said...

Fun poem.I also like those dresses.

Anna Naomi said...

Rebekah, the dresses are made using Simplicity costume pattern 5041.

Rebekah S. said...


Mandy Grace said...

That's a great poem! I like the line about "when your hair becomes frizzy." Hehe. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love swinging! I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you!

Sheila said...

Perfect! I totally understand every word...been there. :) Ever read 'The Swing' by Robert Louis Stevenson? It starts with 'How I do like to go up in the air, up in the air so blue' I believe. Google it, it's beautiful!

God bless,

Mardi said...

You write beautifully. I like the poem! I live a little over an hour from Jackson, MS!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I love this poem, Anna! Especially the part about hair becoming frizzy. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Amanda and Miriam: I wasn't go to put that line in at first, but not much rhymes with "dizzy" and it was funny (and true!)

Bryant: I really like swinging as well! It came to me as I was thoroughly enjoying swinging.

Sheila: That was a beautiful poem (I Googled it). Thanks for alerting me to it!

Mardi: Really? That's neat - I've been there 3 times.

Elijah Lofgren said...

Great poem and pictures! You're a great writer!