Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: Maria Victoria

Maria was 12 when I was born. As the eldest among many girls, she certainly had her work cut out as a sister. I quickly latched onto her; she called me her baby, and to me she was like another mother.

As a little girl, I always wanted to be just like Maria. She took voice lessons and practiced at home, so I would walk around and try to sing just like my lovely older sister. She was into artsy things, and I liked the things she enjoyed. She became an accomplished artist; I took art lessons at age eight and always enjoyed drawing on scraps of paper (but never became as good as her, mostly because I didn't continue lessons!) She wrote beautiful poetry; I soon tried my hand at it, composing silly little ditties and writing longer rhyming musings as I grew. Her favorite color was pink; it soon became mine after wavering between it and purple. She always enjoyed dance and longed to take ballet, but never got to far with a teacher; I was blessed to continue dance and develop a passion for it. Now, little Sara (Maria's daughter) and Danielle (Michele's daughter) take dance as well! And as far as voice goes? I now take voice lessons and enjoy them very much!

My memories of the years before Maria's marriage are a bit hazy. I loved my big sister and the times we had together, yet I don't have very specific moments in my memory. Maria was the only one of us to graduate from a private school (though Luke and Miriam attended for a few years) and she found it helpful as an auditory learner. She had some health problems in her late teen years, quite serious at times, but as a carefree five- or six-year-old, I don't remember much more than her feeling a little sick. Only now do I realize how blessed we are that she's recovered from Bechett's.

Maria married Ron and became a Coble on December 5th, 1997. I was happy to have another brother, and soon grew to love the times they'd have me to their house for a few days - it was always bound to be a lot of fun! The really spoiled me, feeding me my favorite food, taking me to Chuck-E-Cheese and making trips to feed the ducks and chase after the big white goose. The trips to Huntsville, Alabama were, and continue to be, very special.

Maria now has beautiful children of her own: James Paul (6), Sara Rose (almost 4), and Elisabeth Maria (almost 1). The cute little ones grow so quickly, and I always enjoy the visits between us, when I can hear the sweet voices and cuddle the cuties close. I've been to her house to help out for a time after each one was born, and cared for the children other times. This practice with children has been fun and I've enjoyed learning from Maria as a mother.

Maria's always been very thoughtful and giving. I still have the letter she wrote me when I was 7 and she was leaving to go to Michigan. She knew I would miss her, so she wrote me a long letter in my journal, one I could read when I was lonely for her. Her gifts have always been uniquely suited for me, generous ones that I can really use. (Thanks again for the lovely ballet bag - I use it twice a week for my dance teaching supplies!) I enjoy talking with my big sister and she usually brings up things I hadn't noticed or seen from that perspective before. We don't always come to the same conclusions, but our talks definitely get me thinking.

Loving, enthusiastic, fun, and full of ideas, she makes a wonderful big sister and friend.

I love you Maria! Thank you for all the good ways you've shaped my life.


Miriam Rebekah said...

Wonderful post! I leave knowing more about Maria than I did before. As I don't see her very often, I haven't gotten to know her very well. :(

Maria said...

Ugh, I wrote a comment and it disappeared.

Thanks for your kind words, Anna. I wish I was more like the sister you described me as but I hope to be.

Miriam Rebekah- I hope we can start going on the camping trips so perhaps I will get to know you better soon. I have gotten to know you both some through your blog.

I will say I am so glad Anna has you, Miriam R. because all my growing up years I just longed and longed for a close female friend and it seems you have that in each other. I think it probably helps some with growing up, you wouldn't feel as alone so I am so glad you have each other.


Rebekah S. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sister!

Elijah Lofgren said...


It would be wonderful if you start coming camping with us! It'd be great if you could come over my and Lydia's Spring breaks! :)

Hope to see you over thanksgiving!

Love ya,