Friday, November 09, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: James Ronald Coble

Ron became my brother-in-law on December 5th, 1997. Always kind and generous, he's been a great addition to our family. After all, you can never have too many brothers (or sisters for that matter) ! Ron quickly became my friend, someone my seven-year-old self loved to play with.

Before Ron and Maria had children of their own, they used to have my siblings and I up to their house (merely 3 hours away) for special visits. I always enjoyed it whenever my turn came. Ron would take us on trips to buy our favorite cereal and special treats. He used to carry me around on his shoulders before I grew too big, and we'd often go to the pond to feed the ducks. He wasn't afraid to play with us either; together we'd chase after the big white goose he'd named "Grace" or play various games or in the tunnel playground at Chuck-E-Cheese. He's also quite an opponent to be reckoned with in card games - you'd better watch out if you're playing Rook with him!

Today Ron has 3 children of his own, and he makes a great daddy. His children love playing with him or just having him around, and he works really hard as an Aflac Insurance agent to support his family. Each time we visit or come to help out, he makes us feel very welcome, buying or making special foods. He's also gracious to loan us his family sometimes for a visit, but always misses them greatly and can't wait to get them back. =)

Ron is a wonderful musician, singing and playing the piano beautifully. He's been a church pianist or organist many times, and can play any hymn - by heart - if you only tell him the number in the Baptist hymnal. Each time he comes to our house, he fills it with beautiful melodies as he gets into the music and plays the piano. It's a great inspiration to watch and listen as he plays. Ron is also an amazing mathematician. After spending years as an accountant, he can often multiply numbers faster than you can enter them into the calculator! He's a great asset to have around when playing Stockmarket! :-)

Fun, generous, tender and kind, he makes a great brother-in-love.

I love you Ron! Thanks for being such a great brother to this family!


Victoria said...

Good post, Anna. Ron is a wonderful blessing and a great son-in-law as well as brother to you.

We love you, Ron.

Grandma, Victoria

Elijah Lofgren said...

I too have fond memories of feeding ducks having other fun with Ron and Maria. :)

Thanks Anna for writing this all up! I look forward to reading the Maidens of Worth book someday. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Elijah, you're just too funny... Never say never, I know, but a book?? =)

Miriam Rebekah said...

Yes, a book! I know you can do it, and I'll be your spellcheck. ;)

Wonderful post as always. Now I know a little more about Ron.

Ron said...

Thanks for saying so many nice things Anna. I especially enjoyed remembering our trips to the duck pond. When we quit chasing Grace, she'd start following us. She would follow us all the way back to the car when it was time to go. Usually, she would be right there at our car looking in the car window when we drove off.

Ron said...

Elijah, the book is a great idea. I can see Anna writing a book.