Friday, November 16, 2007

Pleasant Perfume

While getting ready for company to come, fill your house with a glorious perfume. It's inexpensive, high-quality, long-lasting, and is guaranteed to make your house smell like a home.

Oh - and did I mention that it's edible?

Don't wait - fill your house with this delectable scent today! Making this special perfume also helps get your house nice and warm.

While we're on the subject of scents, there's a wonderful way to ensure a pleasant bedtime: hang your sheets out on the line to dry! It's free, and the delightful, fresh way they smell beats any scented laundry detergent hands down. There's just something homey about sleeping between freshly line-dried sheets.

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AussieinAmerica said...

I love these two scents!

Lined dried sheets are the best.

And freshly baked bread...who could ask for better?

Have a great day.

Ella said...

Mom loves hanging out the sheets, though we can't do it now!

Kimi Harris said...

Yes! There is nothing like freshly baked bread to make the house smell good!

Michael L. said...

I love both these things!

Anna Joy said...

That's true...but however....line dried towels are awful! They're all scratchy. I think you should know that. :-D

Claire said...


Apples of Gold said...

Looks Good!

Anna Naomi said...

Anna Joy, actually we line-dry our towels as well and they don't seem too scratchy... Probably because I'm used to them since we've always hung them on the line to dry!