Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: Seth David

Seth is my oldest brother and when I was younger, he was considered to be the greatest guy in the world. At least, by a little girl he was. He was the next best thing to an older sister (which I don't have). Not that he was better than the others, but I shared my favorite interests with him. The biggest thing we have in common is a love of literature. He and I love to read the big, thick books that look intimidating. We love to read anything, as long as it's a good, wholesome story or something to do with history. I always enjoy talking or discussing a book with Seth.

My early memories of Seth are rather faint. He moved out when I was 9 years old and I don't have a very good memory at all. I remember playing and running on the trails that he, Micah, and Joel made in "our" woods. Seth was wonderfully creative (it's a trait that all my brothers have). There were numerous forts and treehouses built in the woods and all of them had creative names, such as...Fort Linhel, Cedar Point, and my favorite, Council Hill, which wasn't really a fort, but a pretty clearing on the top of a hill. He liked to invent codes to write with and I can't begin to count how many codes he created!

I had always looked up to Seth as an example for what I wanted in a husband someday. He was kind, considerate, and loved books. What more could a girl want? =) Though my list has grown since I was 8, he still has many qualities that I will look for in my future husband.

Speaking of a husband, my three older brothers are my sworn protectors. They joked about how, even if the guy who wants to court me miraculously passes my Daddy's approval, he still has to pass theirs. They've mentioned a private talk in the woods before he even can come near me. ;) Now how's that for protection? I love it!

When Seth moved out, I automatically thought he would immediately get married. But though he started dating his future wife a couple of years after he left, he didn't marry until four years later. I wasn't very much involved in the next four years of his life. We saw him quite a bit because he worked with Dad, but it was different than him actually living here with us.

When he became engaged, he became more involved with us again. We met his fiance, Ginger, and got to know her better. I was a little jealous that she was getting my Seth, but I got over it and we're great friends and sisters now.

Now Seth has a beautiful wife and two children, Riley Marie (22 months) and Weston Connor (3 months), that are absolute darlings. Weston almost looks just like his daddy who looks just like his daddy.

He is a wonderful, loving daddy and a great brother. I love you, Seth!


Anna S said...

How lovely. If God blesses me with a daughter, I would *love* for her to have the brotherly protection you've mentioned!

Mandy Grace said...

I think it's so neat that you're doing sibling spotlights! It sounds like God has blessed you with a wonderful family. :-)

Robert said...

It's nice to read about your siblings.Three older brothers would make it interesting for any suitor.

Patriot said...

It looks like you have an amazing family!

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Thank you!

Anna Naomi said...

Great post about Seth! I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading your thoughts. =)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

It is fascinating to read about your families!