Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: Michele Dawn

Michele was welcomed into our family when she married my brother Luke. On May 16th, 1998, Michele became my sister by law. More than that, she's grown to be my sister in love.

I don't really remember very a well a time that I didn't know Michele. Maybe that's the reason that she's always seemed more like a natural sister than a late joiner of the family. =) I don't remember the exact time I first met Michele but it was some time when I was around 5 years old and we were visiting Luke at college. I don't have many memories of that, but the summer she came to visit us in Alabama before she and Luke were married I do remember somewhat...

Her first great introduction into the Lofgren clan came when Elijah lassoed her with a rope. An 8 or 9 year old boy must have something to catch, right? She and I had a very serious (on my part at least!) discussion about how pretty nail polish was and how I wished I could wear something other then light pink. She later French-braided my hair, and from that time on had won a special place in my heart. Anyone who would do my hair up lovely was pretty wonderful!

After her beautiful wedding, she settled down with Luke in Arkansas and they soon began a family. I've fallen in love with her sweet children, my niece and nephews, and enjoy every chance I get to visit the cuties and their mommy and daddy.

Michele has been a wonderful example to me of a great wife and mother. She's been so supportive of Luke and showed how a husband and wife can work together as a dynamic team. She's been a gentle and loving yet disciplined mother to her 4 children, and really trained them well. It's exciting to hear about all the projects they're up to, and I've gotten ideas that I hope to use one day with my own children. It's fun to hear about the creative ways she's used to teach her children at home. It's been a joy to swap recipes and hear about each others sewing projects or decorating schemes. All in all, my sister-in-love has been a tremendous blessing!

Michele's joined quite a clan, but she fits in well. Slowly we've acclimatized her to our quirky ways, taught her how to play a plethora of games, and helped some of her competitiveness break through. She cooks the trademark Pasties well and I believe some of the dry humor of the family may have rubbed off on her. Fun, loving, energetic and creative, she makes a wonderful addition to our family.

I love you Michele! Thanks for being such a great sis-in-law and being such an encouragement! Thanks for our long talks and crazy times together; thanks for being there to offer advice and and a lending hand. I can't wait to see you whenever we can get together again!

Visit Michele's blog over at Luke's Family website.


Ella said...

It truly sounds like you have a precious sister-in-law, Anna.

Miriam Rebekah said...

What a sweet sister-in-law and a wonderful example of motherhood.
I hope I can get to know you better sometime, Michele!