Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: Micah Nathaniel

Micah is the second-born of our family and when I was younger I used to consider him a trial I had to put up with. But then, I wasn't the sweetest little sister at the time. If he annoyed me then I was sure to give it right back to him. I'm very ashamed of what my behavior was then, and though our relationship now is not like that, it's rather strained. We have a lot of love to work on and it's coming little by little.

Let's see, about Micah...He has always loved working on cars, tractors and anything that had a engine. He just reveled in the grease, enjoying the puzzle of taking a car apart and being able to put it back together.
In his free time, you could almost be sure to find him in the carport, sitting in the engine part of a vehicle or working on one of his tractors.
Of all the tractors he had, there is one that I distinctly remember and we called it Old Yeller. :)
It was one of the fastest tractors I ever drove (and he only let me once). =)

When we got along, we had lots of fun. Once, he had borrowed our uncle's four-wheeler and he let me ride with him on the back. Riding with Micah was fun because he went fast. ;) Anyway, it had rained and we were riding down in one of our muddy spots. It was a circle that was practically a muddy sinkhole, unless you rode fast enough not to get stuck. We kept going around and around the circle and then he made a sharp turn and...over we went into the mud.

Micah has a very fun-loving personality and enjoys a good joke or prank. He can make really goofy faces and makes laughter very infectious. Micah got married in March of last year and has a sweet wife and darling son. Amanda is very fun to be with and I'd known her for several years before they became engaged. We all took piano lessons from the same teacher, and our lessons were back and back, so we would get to see her often. She is extremely good with children and is making a wonderful mother. Their son, Patrick David, was born in February of this year. He's a precious little bundle.
Thank y'all for being patient. I know this post was a long time coming. I hope it was enjoyed.
God bless,
Miriam Rebekah


Victoria said...

Indeed, I did enjoy reading about Micah and his family. Thank you ! Also, the cute conversation was fun.

Love, Anna's Mom

Anna Naomi said...

Great post about Micah! I remember you sharing some of your escapades with him. =)