Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sibling Spotlight: Luke Emmanuel

Luke is the eldest of the Lofgren clan. As the first child, he probably got most of the experimental parent, paving the way for the rest of us. With six younger siblings, he certainly got experience as a brother. My first memories of him are vague; glimpses here and there of a loving older brother.

He was 14 when I was born and as I grew older I quickly attached myself to him. He was my "Lukey," my biggest, bestest friend. I delighted in anything I could do with him and loved it when he did special things with me, like letting me go with him to 4-H Club once or twice. We shared a "favorite" color of purple and the joys of a big brother-little sister relationship.

When I was 4, we moved to Alabama while Luke stayed behind in Arkansas, attending John Brown University. I missed my big brother. I clearly remember one trip we took to visit him... Seeing him down the hall and flying towards him with outstretched arms, squealing, "Lukey!!"

Almost as far back as I can remember, Luke was either dating or married to Michele, my wonderful sister-in-love. I couldn't be happier when they got married out of college and began a life together. I didn't see much of Luke after we moved to Alabama; he was either in college or living on his own, though he did come back for some breaks. The time we did spend together, I enjoyed. He bought our old house in Arkansas to establish his new household with Michele, and we've spent time visiting back and forth.

Life went on, and Luke is now a great father of 4 lovely children, Danielle (8), Alexander (6), Zachariah (4), and Nathaniel (2). I have enjoyed seeing his example as a father and husband, showing me qualities I'll look for in a future husband one day. Luke leads his home and family well.

As the firstborn, Luke definitely has the characteristics of an oldest child: a strong leader, able to make good decisions and holding strong views. I always enjoy hearing his views on a matter and listening as he analyzes approaches I've not thought of. His dry humor sometimes leaves me wondering whether I should laugh or take him seriously, and (again!) his analytical approach to games leaves him a player to be reckoned with.

Strong, tender, funny and serious - he's my brother. I think all of my siblings would agree that God has blessed us with a wonderful oldest brother.

I love you Luke! Thanks for being there for me - to give me advice and set an example. Thanks for being my brother and friend.


Ella said...

I find that as the oldest, I am the tester. Mom has me read books and try certain things...and if I have a problem, it's a no go. Sometimes, that bothers me, but I like it too.

I sometimes wish that I have a older brother. To have someone to protect me and give me would be wonderful.

Maria said...

Now I am wondering what you will say about me...I'm not admirable like Luke is...

Your 2nd sibling..


Anna Naomi said...

Ella, older brothers are wonderful. However, you have a sibling I don't have: a younger brother.

Maria, I admire you in many ways! All of my siblings have been a wonderful influence on my life.

Anna S said...

Anna - thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your eldest brother! I do feel like I missed out, being an only child - but I hope it will be different for my children (God willing).

Kristina said...

Did y'all make those dresses that you were wearing...the colonial looking ones? I love them!!


Anna Naomi said...

Kristina, yes Miriam and I made the pink and blue dresses, and Miriam's mother made the purple one.

Miriam Rebekah said...

I don't know Luke very well, unfortunately. But I do get to hear about him and his family quite a bit from his adoring sister. :)

Luke said...


I sure hope its all good stuff! :) hee hee! I can attest to the fact that he is as great as Anna says he is. :)