Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gone Camping

Tomorrow we leave for our semi-annual camp-out with many families. So, we'll be gone from our blog until around Monday, when we may pop in with pictures.

Until then, enjoy reading about past camping trips and seeing pictures from previous years at Miriam's Camping Countdown Week 1,Week 2, and Week 3.

Here comes sleeping on the hard ground, getting utterly exhausted, spending time with others, playing games... and enjoying every minute of it.


Anna S said...

I hope you have fun camping!

Elijah Lofgren said...


3 hours 43 minutes until I plan to leave for the bus station for an overnight ride towards home! :)

Rebekah S. said...

Oh how fun!!! Is this a church campout? I bet you will have a wonderful time!!!

Just curious, do you wear skirts while camping, Anna? I wear skirts and dresses every day, and was just wondering what you do while camping.

Have fun,and we cannot wait to hear all about it and see the pics!!


eliasboudinotismyfriend said...

Here's a game for y'all to try (if you get this comment before the trip:). When you play spoons, instead of playing on a table, place the spoons on the ground (or for even more fun you can have some one who is not playing hide them within a specified area - in trees and such) and then walk about 50 feet or so away, and sit down crosslegged in a line, with your back to the spoons. Pass the cards from one end of the line to the other... when someone gets four and takes off toward the spoons you have a mad rush! :) This is especially fun to play out of doors, as you have more room to run, and more possiblities. Have fun!!

dwiebes said...

I know that I have probably commented on this topic before but I am asking again. This is not related to this specific blog entry but I'm hoping that you'll be able to help me. I am a Momma of three and a half (due in Feb.) and my middle child is my daughter Emma. She is four and wants more than anything to be a ballarina. After watching a production from our dance school I decided that I could never have her participate, seeing what she would be working toward. We are in a small town so something like modest dance is not available and I'm deffinately not able to teach it. So I am wondering if you know of any videos that would be suitable? Thank you for taking the time and for be a blessing to this Momma who hopes to raise a beautiful maided of worth!

Anna Naomi said...

It was fun!

Rebekah, we call it more of a homeschool camp-out. A lot of us have done church together at one time and few people aren't homeschooled, but mostly that's what ties us together. I do wear skirts while camping, but have to be careful sometimes.

Miriam, actually we have played that game - last camping trip in March - and it was fun, but tiring! We were already worn out from all we'd done before.

Mrs. Sirena, I don't know of any videos to help... sorry. It's really hard to find good dance instruction, which is why I've started teaching in our area. You may be able to find videos searching online, I don't know. Keep praying for a good teacher, and encourage your daughter to just dance her own moves around the house, praising God while dancing. I actually didn't receive ballet instruction until I was almost 11. I wanted to my whole life, but it wasn't until then that we found a good, Christian teacher.

Rebekah S. said...

That is really cool, Anna, that you wear skirts even while camping! That's great that you are still distinctly feminine even while doing those such activities. That's what I would do, too, but we don't camp that much. :(