Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Camping 2007

C A M P I N G (can you tell we're spelling out those letters?)

Fort Toulouse is a beautiful place. We camped overlooking the river - a lovely sight to behold.

Some gallant little gentlemen helped me set up Miriam Rebekah's and my tent. We got a little confused though, and Miriam Lofgren had to help me straighten it out! =)

While walking to The Pointe (the place where the Coosa and Alabama Rivers join to make the Tallapoosa River), we decided this tree was a nice place for a family picture. All of the Spanish moss in the trees was really pretty!

As always, I really enjoyed spending time with the little ones at the camping trip. My arms got a work out carrying around the sweet youngsters!

As usual, we played countless games of volleyball, sometimes having 16 people per side! It's truly a camping tradition and each year more younger children join us to learn the game and try to get a hand on the ball.

Many games were played together. Ultimate Frisbee particularly wore us out! We went almost non-stop all weekend, which resulted in a lot of soreness!

On Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, some of us did the Virginia Reel. I called and danced at the same time, almost going hoarse on Friday when I tried to call loud enough for two lines to hear me.

We couldn't convince everyone to join us, but those who did had a good time! We also tried some other Country Dances, which were a lot of fun!

When needing a break, the best thing to do was to spend time talking with friends. I was so glad that the Harts were able to camp with us!

First thing in the morning, you headed to the fire to warm up. It's always a trick to find the balance between too hot and too cold!

On Sunday morning we had church together. There were many instruments playing together and many others joining their voices in song.

How low can you limbo? We enjoyed taking a walk with one other family after others had left on Sunday afternoon and took some interesting pictures!

The group that was left to take a picture. All-in-all, we had 75 people camping and 26 people that came for the day, for a grand total of 101 people at our semi-annual camp-out! Can you find Miriam and I?

If you care to see more pictures, Miriam has uploaded the ones she took to be viewed here.


Ella said...

What fun! How blessed you are to have friends to that with. Anna, you are fortunate to have an instrument that can travel with you...a piano doesn't exactly fit! Liked the family picture too.


It looks like you all had a really nice time! I enjoy camping though it has been quite awhile since we last went! We usually just have a little campout in the backyard. :D

Claire said...

Wow! There were a lot of you in that big group!

I enjoyed the photos, and the dance video. You sound like me... whenever we do the Virginia Reel, I'm always calling! :) I don't usually call AND dance, though; I should try that!


P.S. Was the dance on the video "Cotton-Eyed Joe"? The steps looked the same, although the music was different from the one I know. :)

Anna Naomi said...

We were definitely blessed by the wonderful trip!

Claire, Lydia and I don't remember what the name of the line dance is. It may well be Cotton-Eyed Joe... I don't know. The music we were using wasn't supposed to go with the line dance - we were just using it because we had it around and it worked. =)

Anna S said...

Oh wow! That looks like FUN! Welcome back.

Rebekah S. said...

Oh how fun!!! Thanks so much for the pictures-they were realy good! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

That's a big group!

You did the Virginia Reel? How fun!! My friend Kelsey taught me that last year after she had learned it at a little house on the prairie era reinactment. It's so much fun!!

P.S. I like your new pic, Anna!

Allison said...

Looks like everyone had an enjoyable time... neat pictures! The dancing looks especially fun! :)

Beverly said...

This looks like a wonderful trip. You are truly blessed in family and friends!