Monday, September 24, 2007

Sibling Snapshots: Games!

One thing the Lofgren clan is known for is their enjoyment of games. Nary a visit goes by that we don't play at least one game together. Games not only provide an excuse for us to spend hours together; they also give us a chance to catch up on each other's lives and engage in meaningful discussions. Besides, how else are you to release your built-up friendly competition? Yes, we are somewhat competitive, but we all enjoy playing together and have a great time, no matter who wins! =)

Dutch Blitz has been a family favorite ever since Miriam went to Pensacola Christian College. After years and years of practice, the Lofgren girls are ones to be feared in this game. =)

Things can get somewhat messy, though!

Another family favorite is the old Parker Brother's game of Stockmarket. We also know that we can get Elijah to play if we suggest this game.

Sister stockmarketers

And, of course there's always Risk, the game of global domination. How else can you conquer the world from the comfort of the living room?

We've played innumerable games using decks - or multiple decks - of regular cards. We're always on the look-out for a new game, and play it until it too has been worn out.

So, what about you? Do you enjoy playing games as a family? It's not that hard and it really is a joy! Yes, it takes time out of a rather busy day, but it's a great way to spend an evening relaxing with your family. Though, it isn't all relaxation... Dutch Blitz can get your heart pumping quite fast! Who knows? Games could actually be good for you! One thing's for sure: it's a great way to build family togetherness.

Go here for some more pictures of games and siblings at my sister Miriam's blog!


Laura H. said...

Family games? Ah yes, I remember it well! Our family used to love playing games, until the main game players moved out and got married. We loved playing Hand and Foot,(a6 deck card game), Pinocle, and Cutthroat Uno. We loved the Dutch Blitz, and also, Phase Ten. WE still love Phase Ten. Board games? WEll, we like to play Monopoly, Scrabble,Chess,In A Pickle, Pictionary,etc. WE love to do that especially around Holiday times when the family is together!

That is enough for starters. Need I say more?
Laura H.

Miriam Rebekah said...

We love playing games, too.

Some of our favorites are: Phase Ten, Nine-Hole Golf, Tuxedo, and Buy It!, and we like Dutch Blitz too, but we don't play it much except when we have a lot of people here.
Some favorite board games are: Monopoly, Double Crossing, Rail Baron, Risk, and Huggermugger.

There's also Taboo, Guesstures that are really interactive card games.

Like Laura, we play a lot of games when all the family is together!

Luke said...

Coming from a non-game family it was quite a different experience entering into the Lofgren realm of games. :)
I've done alright,though..Luke says he never knew I was so competative!
Now we have our children playing them as well! Our favorites are 10 hole golf, battleship, Life and candy land.
SIL, Michele
p.s. on one of my first visits to Luke's family he and his siblings played Risk, including Anna. She had just turned 5 years old. She beat everyone. :)

Lindsey said...

Blitz is the Best!

Sheila said...

Aaah...gotta love Dutch Blitz! It would be interesting, as a lot of us blog-readers here have played it, to see who of us is the most experienced at that heart-pumping game! I've played it for years.

Yeah, we love playing games too, although it can be hard finding good games for a three-person family. :) We really like 'Ticket to Ride Europe', even if the box does look weird, and 'Alhambra', and personally, I love long speed. :D

God bless,

Ella said...

Our family loves games. They are a regular occurrence at our house. We used to play Dutch Blitz quite often. Now, you find us with Pinochle, or in larger groups, Apples to Apples.

Garrett and I play Risk every now and then. He always wins. However, I have never heard of Stockmarket. I think he would get a kick out of that one.

Anna Naomi said...

Laura, we enjoy Hand and Foot as well!

It's neat to hear all of your favorite family games! Most of them I've played or heard of.

Maybe sometime we should have a blogger Blitz get-together game. =) We can dream, right?

Alice said...

Hi, Anna! You may know me from Ella's blog. I love this post! My family loves playing games, as well! Dutch Blitz is a great one!

Rebekah S. said...

I've never heard of Dutch Blitz! I feel so left out. lol It sounds like an awesome game; I'll have to play it sometime!! :)

Great post, Anna!! My mom and I have been playing games ever since I was really small and all I could play was CandyLand. What special mother/daughter times! Mama's and my brand new tradition is to play Scrabble together while we eat lunch. It's fun! We have actually gotten really good now from all that practice. I can even get rid of all my letters. lol well, sometimes. Friday night is our family game night, and that is so special to each one of us!!! We enjoy Phase 10, Uno, Battleships, PayDay, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, etc. etc. etc. There is a list too long to share. lol

I have a really really funny memory from this January. I had gone with a family from our church down to Florida to a conference where they were going to sell some books (please go to and check out their selection. They have books from Vision Forum, Lamplighter, R.C. Sproul, etc. etc. Including some wonderful CDs books tapes and videos on femininity, Biblical womanhood, Biblical daughterhood, courtship etc.), and I went along with them to help care for their 6 children, ages 11 to 1. Our dear pastor went along with us, and while the children were aspleep with their grandmother in the hotel room, Mr. and Mrs. Goodpaster, our pastor Mr. Morse, and I went down to the lobby to play a board game, and it lasted so long that we were down in the hotel lobby at 2 am!! lol It was sooo fun and such a blessing to be in the company of such dear, likeminded believers. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Alice, thanks for the visit! I've enjoyed going to your blog and seeing your comments on Ella's blog.

Rebekah, thanks for sharing that funny story! I, too have played games far into the night... sometime you just loose track of time when you're having fun!

Dutch Blitz is a really fast card game. You should try it, should you get the chance!

Allison said...

Looks like fun! My family loves to have family game nights as well. We also love having our church family over for family game nights! Apples to Apples is a TON of fun with a lot of people! It's hilarious!

Bethany said...

My name is Bethany and I have been visiting your blog for awhile now. I found your blog through The Girl Inside blog. I have enjoyed reading your articles. I'm not very good with long games such as Risk and such... but I don't mind watching other people play. I do enjoy card games like Dutch Blitz and Phase Ten.

Smalltribe said...

Well, I like this post! My family really enjoys games, and since there's ten of us card games are great! WE play several of those mentioned: Dutch Blitz, Apples to Apples, Phase Ten, Hand and Foot (SOOOO FUN), nine round Golf, Scrabble, Risk, Scattergories, Monopoly, Chess, etc. We also play others like Rummy, Slap Jack (but you slap more than Jacks), Life Stories, Spoons, Go Fish, Stratego, Pictionary, Probe, The Richest Christian Game, Traverse, Uno, Duo, and many others when we find them. Playing games is a great way to spend family time, rather than watching TV or playing video games, and it's educational AND can help people settle in if their kind of nervous. Hope this is helpful.

In Christ,