Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Ready!

"Forgive your teenagers - they'll rejoin the human race eventually." "You can't depend on teenagers! They're unreliable... lazy... rebellious."

Things like these are said often about those my age. I've heard so many people make remarks such as these and they're invariably followed by laughter or a sigh of understanding. People somehow seem to view us as a kind of alien, not to be depended on and impossible to understand. "So," they surmise, "why even try?" Most groups would view such remarks as derogatory and intolerable, but teens just seem to accept them and go on to live up to them. After all, why try hard if no one expects you to?

Well, I'm tired! I'm tired of people looking down on us just because we happen to be in the age group labeled as "teen". I'm tired of being expected to be irresponsible and immature. I'm tired of being viewed as a some kind of genius or abnormal youth simply because I try to be respectful, communicative and diligent. I'm tired of being told that the teen years are supposed to be full of fun and free of responsibility. I'm tired of people talking about "ways to figure out the complex teenager."

Please listen! We are human! We are not somehow unable to comprehend or care because of our age - we are capable of behaving as an adult! Yes, we are young and we have much to learn, but we want you to teach us! Instead of our parents being told how to live with us, we want to be told how to live our lives. We want to be shown how to be disciplined and fruitful in these years of youth rather then being left to goof off and hang out.

I am a young lady. I am ready to take on responsibility and grow into being a respectful adult. I am more than ready to lead a charge to take back our teen years for God. I am ready to show my peers that there's a better way to spend out time. I'm ready for . . . a Rebelution.

Are you ready?


Sheila said...

I'm Ready!!!!!! Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, it's been my pet peeve ever since I turned 13. Enough with this 'Teen Scene'!!! Enough with the Rebellion against morals and any sort of standard, let's Rebel, as the Rebelution puts it, against LOW expectations, and rise to the occasion. I'm ready. ;)

I know you've seen it before, but this is my take on it:

In Christ Alone,

Joanna said...

I definitely agree!

Jennifer Christine said...

Hello!!! Just a few words of encouragement from Paul in 1 Timothy 4:12...

"Don't let anyone look down on yu because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

You are a blessing to many, many young ladies (and older ladies, as well...)!

God bless,
Jennifer (Michele's sis) :)

Ella said...

Defintely ready! It also bugs me when people don't think teenagers can do much. I want to be more than that. By God's grace and strength, I want to be a young woman who does mighty things for Him!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Yay!!! I'm ready!

I remember a scene when we were at some friends house and they had some other friends over at the time. One of the ladies found out I was a teenager and asked me, "Have you been rebellious yet?"
All I could say was "I hope not!".

I'm saddened to think that that is the kind of question that first comes to mind when talking about teenagers.

Let's Rebel against this low expectation!

Anna Naomi said...

I'm glad that you all are ready, girls! =) Together we can change the expectations.

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by and sharing that verse - it's one of my favorites!

StrongJoy said...


Seize The Day!\

Rebekah S. said...

Amen!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself! That bugs me so much!! We need to return to the days when people saw teenagers as almost adults, and didn't tolerate this "normal" teenage rebellion. That really drives me crazy-when people call it normal! It seems to be lately with a lot of teenagers, but it did NOT always used to be this way!

I'm ready!!!!

P.S. I've been doing a devotional study on my blog on that verse! Check it out if you find the time.