Friday, September 07, 2007

Dancing on September 1st

On September 1st, The King's Praise Ballet was invited to dance at Coosada Heritage Festival. With only 2 weeks to practice, some of my oldest and middle age dancers pulled together and quickly relearned the dances they did for the King's Praise Celebration in May. They did really well, and were a blessing to the people that watched. It was challenging, with a small and pretty uneven and crack-filled stage, but we danced for God's glory! If you'd like to see more of the pictures Mrs. Lavonne took while we danced, you can see them here: Coosada Heritage Festival, September 1st, 2007.

On a side note, fall classes for the King's Praise Ballet started yesterday, and went really well! I teach 3 classes on Thursdays and 2 on Mondays, for a combined total of 34 students. It's tiring, but fun to teach. God has been so good!


Rebekah S. said...

Those dresses are beautiful!!! They're so feminine and modest and flowy as well. I wish I had one! :) What pattern did you use?

Lydia said...

Wow Anna! Sounds like you're busy! I'm glad you're enjoying teaching! God has really blessed you with many students! Praise God!
The pictures of the Festival look really nice!
Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Living the adventure in Christ,

Luke said...

Beautiful pictures! What a neat opportunity to witness to others through dance. :)
love ya,

Anna S said...

Thanks for sharing lovely pictures of your dancing. Any chance for seeing a video? *bats eyelashes*

Sheila said...

That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I just wish I could join and take lessons from you too, praise ballet would be fabulous!!!

God bless,

Becky K said...

Girls, I found your blog today for the first time. I was very moved and impressed with your blog entries and thoughts. You both are very well-rounded and an inspiration to young women today. I loved the pink room - my favorite color too! And I loved the comment about reviving handwritten letters/notes. I can't wait for your next entry. Your sister in Christ, Rebecca

Ella said...

Wow! I could not do a split like that even if I tried! Beautiful!

HsKubes' Gal said...

Oh! That looks so lovely! I love the dresses you were wearing! How neat to be asked to dance for a festival! I never knew you taught dance lessons. I’m sure it must be exhausting, but fun.
Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Mandy Grace said...

How fun! Your costumes look so pretty and feminine. :-)

As to your question, my sister is currently majoring in nursing.


Anna Naomi said...

Rebekah, I didn't sew the dresses. That would take a long time, with all the yards of fabric, many ruffles, and built-in leotard. We ordered the dresses off here:

It's hard to find modest dance wear (I did have to end up making slips, as the skirt was somewhat see-through) but it's so nice when you do!

Thanks, Lydia! I am enjoying teaching; I had my first Monday classes today, and they went well. It's fun to teach girls who so want to learn ballet!

Michele, yes it was really nice to be able to use the gifts God's given us to be a witness.

Anna S: Well, I don't think it's legal to upload a video that I'm dancing to copyrighted music on. If I ever learn otherwise, I'll be sure to! =)

Sheila: I'd love to have you take classes if you lived close!

Becky K: Thanks for visiting our blog! We always enjoy hearing from people who read it.

Ella: It takes a lot of stretching to be able to do a split! =)

Alexandra: A good family friend organized the festival, and she asked us to dance. She wanted to fill the park with the praises of God!

Mandy Grace: Thanks for replying!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the other pictures you linked to, and really enjoyed them. Those songs you danced to are some of my favorites!

Tashi said...

I am thinking of buying one of those dresses and stealing your idea- by making sashes of different colors! Would you mind?

I also wish I could take dance lessons from you. I love ballet so much, but we have no Christian ballet teachers or company's in my area. *sniff* :(

Anna Naomi said...

Bryant, yes they were good songs!

Tashi, No I don't mind at all! They're such pretty dresses, it's fun to use them!

It is so hard to find good teachers... I take from a teacher around here so that I can learn good technique, but I've been unable to participate in their recitals, because of how skimpy the costumes are. =( But, we can take back the art and use if for God's glory!