Saturday, August 25, 2007

Writing Letters

There are not many people that write letters anymore. With the wave of new technology and the online world, email is simply faster and more convenient. Yes, email is nice, and I'm very grateful for it, using it quite a bit! Yet, there's just something special about a real letter.

Picture going to the mailbox: You walk to it (perhaps taking 15 minutes if you're walking, as it takes us) open it up, and flip through the stack, seeing bills, catalogs and automated mail.Then suddenly, you see a letter with your name on it! It makes your day as you eagerly open it and peruse its contents. Whether it's a note, card, or 5-page letter, you enjoy it completely, re-reading it again and again. You feel special that someone actually took the time to write to you!

A letter can be such an encouragement to someone, and it really brightens their day. It doesn't have to be long or elaborate, though I do enjoy writing pages and pages sometimes! If it's from the heart, it will be so appreciated, even if it just tells about your day-to-day life.

Letter writing can be a lot of fun! Yes, it takes more time, but it's also rewarding. Using pretty stationery or making your own, picking out a matching pen, and filling the page with neat script... It's a great way to spend a quiet moment. And unlike things on the computer, letters can be held in your hand and cherished for years to come.

I'm blessed to have quite a few penpals. I write to Jennifer and Ella using both email and snail mail. Emails reach them much faster and is quicker when I just have to drop them a note, but on occasion I enjoy surprising them with a letter. I write to Anna and Brittany using just letters, keeping the postal service busy! When Elijah and Lydia are at college, I send them letters from home, making sure that there's something in their mailbox at least somewhat regularly. When I'm on trips, I write friends and family back home, letting them know what I'm up to. And sometimes I drop friends a note for no reason at all, just to let them know how special they are to me. Then there's the occasional letters sent to various people for various reasons - my pen isn't still for long!

But doesn't that take a lot of time? Yes, it does somewhat, but it's worth it. Sometimes I write many letters in one afternoon (like the 7 I wrote yesterday), sometimes I just write a few over one week, fitting them in here and there whenever I have a spare moment. It's a nice break in otherwise busy days. And yes, unlike email, they do cost money to send. However, 41 cents is usually worth brightening someone else's days!

Are you inspired yet? Take the time and write someone soon - a dear friend, old acquaintance, or family member that lives elsewhere. They'll feel loved and you'll enjoy doing it! Truly, letter writing is becoming a lost art. However, you and I can revive it! A handwritten letter is so special - and it helps if you want to develop neater handwriting as well! What better way to practice?


Allison said...

I agree completely! It is so much more meaningful to receive a hand-written note than an e-mail (even though an e-mail is much quicker). :) I love writing letters! Even though it does take a little more thought to hand write a note, it's definitely worth it in the end! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading your blog. :)

Devyn Karyn said...

One of my Aunts and I used to write letters back and forth. And you;re right, letters do brighten up everybody's day! Now, as I am a Junior in high school, and she is mothering 5 boys, we mostly just send e-mail, but I love when she sends little notes with the most recent pictures of her boys.

Laura H said...

I have 18 penpals that I write to , by snail mail. It is fun to receive a letter from them. I have one penpal from Canada, who writes me often. All the others are from the states, and love to write as well. I receive new penpals nearly everyday! I really appreciate my email pals too. All of them are a blessing to me, especially since we homechurch, and have no one to fellowship with!

Enjoy the snail mail, while you have it. It is a great blessing, as you said, to open the box, and find a letter to me on it. So fun!

Laura H.

Maria said...

Dear Anna,

I have seen that you commented on Rob's blog that you liked his funny stories. Here is another very funny blog:

I think you will enjoy it!


Bonnie said...

Yes, there certainly is something about getting a handwritten letter! :) I have a couple of penpals, and although I enjoy snail-mailing them, I don't often get to write regularly :(

Laura H: wow, 18 penpals??!! I think my 4 are enough! LOL!

Anna S said...

Yes, yes! :) I correspond by *real* letters with my dear cousin and friend, Maggie; her letters are so sweet and cherished, and truly brighten up my day! And it's so much fun to enclose a little gift, like a card, a photo, or a few dried rose petals.

Anna Naomi said...

Allison: It definitely is!

Devyn Karyn: That's neat that you get to correspond with your aunt!

Laura: 18 penpals?? WOW! I find it hard sometimes just to keep up with 6!

Maria: Someone sent me a link to the funny email auction she did - it was hilarious!

Bonnie: A handwritten letter is so special!

Anna: Yes, it's fun to think of special things to include in the letters.

Anna Joy said...

I totally agree with you, Anna! It's so much more personal, at least I think, to receive a hand-written letter. E-mail is more convenient, but it's just more FUN to send and receive letters!!

Coffee Catholic said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I always write letters. I utilize email yes, but real letters are priceless! The only problem is, no one ever writes back. Or emails back. At first I couldn't figure out why but now I know: it's become all about cell phones now and if you are not on someone's cell phone list then you never hear from them. That "Text Messaging" is replacing email hand over fist. It's really very sad to see people be so lazy that they won't even stay in touch with their own siblings, let alone friends, if they are not on the cell phone list.

I still write letters, just not as often. But I do have one source of correspondence that brings me great joy: sponsored children and elderly from poor countries! I'll tell you what, they LOVE letters and they LOVE to write back!

I can't seem to find pretty stationary any more. Ten years ago every bookstore had a lovely stash of all sorts of designs. That sure tells me something!

Email, now text messaging...we are creating a lazy world that only interacts if it's quick and easy. I'm going to continue writing letters nonetheless!!

Your sister in Christ,

Anna Naomi said...

Coffee Catholic: I, too, have had a hard time finding stationary. It makes my day when I actually find some at the store! Other times I'll simply decorate regular paper or something.

Hannah said...

I love letters too. :) Especially 25 page ones...any length is so much fun to read, but when I get one that my dad calls a "novel" I just get so excited! :) And it's so much fun to write them too!
I've had the problem with finding stationery too....sometimes I just make my own on the computer...

Ella said...

I love the letters that you write me, Anna. They brighten up the mailbox! I love it when I walk out and find a letter or a magazine instead of boring bills!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I love to get letters in the mail! But I'll admit that I don't write them very much. It's that I don't like it, just that I always seems so busy and don't stop to make time for it.

Every once in a while, I'll get my stationary box and sit down with pencil and write 1 or 2 of my penpals.

Thank you so much for my letter I recieved the other day! I was so happy to get it!

Anna Naomi said...

Anna and Hannah: Nice to see a lot of people agree that writing letters are fun!

Ella and Miriam: Glad you enjoy your letters! I enjoy surprising you, though it's not always easy!

thepatriot said...

Another great blessing and witness through "old fashioned" letters is correspondence with deployed soldiers. It truly is an encouragement to those serving overseas, as well as a great opportunity for those of us on the homefront to learn about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan!

It really is fun to get letters from Anna...

Lady_MSnow said...

It is wonderful to receive a hand written letter. You have inspired me to go write one right now! :D