Friday, August 24, 2007

Starting up again

It's time again for the annual post about what I'll be doing in the year ahead. It's amazing how fast the summer flew by! However, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things again with things to study and classes to take. I officially started the book part of homeschooling last Monday.

I'm doing even less bookwork than I did last year, because I've already finished up basically what I "need" to graduate. Saxon Advanced Mathematics (Pre-Calculus) was my last math book, and I completed it in June. It's almost sad to not be doing a math book, though it's not been my favorite subject, I have enjoyed it somewhat, surprisingly enough. It's not enough to make me want to do Calculus though! So, what am I doing this year?
  • Exploring Creation with Physics by Apologia - This is my 5th Apologia Science books, and I've enjoyed them for the most part, though Science is probably my least favorite subject. The conversational way the books are written makes them a lot easier and enjoyable! I'll probably get my fill of math from this book.
  • Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem - I'd seen this book mentioned various places on the web, and since Daddy already had it, I decided to do it. It's been really interesting so far, and it helps to learn more about Christianity and the Bible. I've been enjoying it despite it's huge thickness and small print!
  • History - I did ABEKA or Bob Jones textbooks up through 1oth grade but they began to repeat each other every other year. So, last year I began reading various historical books and biographies that the parents thought were useful or I thought looked interesting. I enjoyed studying various periods in depth, and will continue doing the same thing this year. I've started with The History of Medicine and will soon start The History of the Constitution. We'll see what else comes my way!
  • English - I'll simply be reading various books and writing a lot, since again, the textbooks were repeating themselves. I'm grateful for the time spent doing them, for they've helped me greatly with sentence construction and so on, but it is nice to be able to learn in more unconventional ways!
  • French using Rosetta Stone - Dad taught Lydia, Elijah, and I French when I was 11-13, for he knows it pretty well from the time spent in Africa. Currently I'm mostly doing review, but I look forward to advancing more using the computer program.
  • Bible - I'm continuing with Memlock and finishing up the book of Ephesians, after which I'll probably find other passages to memorize.
In addition to the above, the parents have been so generous to provide me with many different lessons. They won't start until September, so I have a little more free time at home before then. I'll be continuing to take classical ballet technique on Tuesdays, then going straight to homeschool band, in which I play the flute. I'll be taking private piano and voice lessons from the same teacher on Thursdays then teaching 3 classes of The King's Praise Ballet. I may also be teaching some classes on Mondays, depending on how many students enroll. I'll also continue gaining experience in the homemaking arts, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and so on. I look forward to all I'll be learning this year!

It's so weird to think this is my senior year of high school, my last year of homeschooling! I'm so thankful for all the time and money my parents have invested to homeschool me all these years. I've so enjoyed the many different learning opportunities I've had, through lessons, books, seminars, videos, and real-life experiences. It's allowed me to become an independent learner, teach myself, and participate in many life-enriching activities. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

So I continue down this path called life, looking forward to all that lies ahead...


Lauren Christine said...

I was just wondering what you think of the Rosetta Stone program. My husband and I were thinking about trying it out- a little homeschooling of ourselves... way past graduation :)

Ella said...

I can't believe that you are starting I haven't finished last year. I hope it all goes well. It is so hard to believe that we are both in our senior years! Where has time gone? It has been good, and I bet it will continually to be that way!

Tashi said...

I'm doing Rosetta Stone as well, for Spanish!

I'm excited to start school, and am only waiting for my books to arrive!

Luke said...

What an exciting time of life! The time has gone by so fast! I remember meeting you when you were only 4 years old...ok, now I feel old!

Love ya,

king's_daughter said...

It's so exciting starting school back up again, isn't it? I haven't started yet, but I think we have all my subjects figured out. :-) This will also be my senior year, and am looking forward to it more than I thought I would. First things first, though...getting my driver's lisence! :-)

Anna Joy said...

Fun! I know that's a somewhat odd statement to make about school, however I LIKE school! Especially Algebra. :) You can call me weird if you want....but it sure makes it easier to actually DO it when you enjoy what you're doing!! :-D

Anna Naomi said...

Lauren Christine: I've enjoyed Rosetta Stone so far. I haven't used it enough to really give a good review, but my dad has heard a lot about it and says it's excellent!

Ella: Where has the time gone indeed? I have to ask myself that almost every day...

Tashi: It's exciting!

Michele: I was four when we first met... wow. =) My first memory of you is when you came to our house one summer, I think after you were engaged, and you braided my hair. I thought that was so wonderful! :-)

King's Daughter: Hope you do well on your driver's test!

Anna Joy: Yes, I actually enjoyed Algebra as well. I never thought I would, but I actually liked Algebra problems more than all the geometry stuff.

Anna S said...

Wishing you a good, interesting, creative and productive year!!