Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Blogaversary!

One year ago today, Maidens of Worth was launched. 176 posts later, we're still running strong. So much has happened over the last year; we've changed and we've grown in so many ways. We've grown closer in our friendship while being united in this blog effort, and have truly remained Friends Through the Years. We've also had the chance to take many more pictures together, adding to those of our growing up years.

We've blogged about many things in the last year, from music to motherhood to modesty. In all, we've seen God's faithfulness evident in every aspect of our lives, and hope that we've reflected it in our writing. God has led us to dig deeper through what we've been blessed to read on other people's blogs, and has caused us to seek Him for what to convey on ours.

We've gone through an address change and blog redesign, that makes us hope that Maidens of Worth will be around for a while yet. =) We've learned more about computers during our trying times with blogger, and Elijah's generous help has been invaluable (thanks again!). We've really enjoyed all the contact we've had with our readers, through comments and emails. You all are such a blessing and encouragement to us!

Over all, we hope that we have continued to grow in becoming Maidens of Worth, precious in God's sight. We are so far from being perfect, but we pray that you all have been encouraged as we've shared with you glimpses of our journey.

As a blogaversary gift, may we ask something of you? We're quite curious as to who actually reads our blog. If you would, please drop us a comment, and let us know who you are, no matter if you've been with us the whole year, or only found us yesterday. If this is the only comment you ever leave, that's fine (though we enjoy hearing from you!); we'd just like to know who reads our blogs. =)

If you have the time, please also answer one or more of the questions below:

  • How did you find us?

  • How long have you been reading our blog?

  • What is your favorite post that we've done?

  • What topic(s) would you like to see us address?
Thank you in advance for your answers!

Praise God for bringing us thus far, and thank you, our readers, for supporting us and helping us reach one year of Maidens of Worth.


Christina said...

I read it! :) Thanks girls! I have been blessed by your blog. May God bless you richly and give you another wonderful year here on your blog. :)

thepatriot said...

My name is Jennifer and I found this excellent blog through my twin Anna. I've been reading for over a year, and it's unfair to ask which post is my favorite! Gracious, they're all good. :) I would really love to see ideas for girls to work and serve and do outreaches while living at home, or trying not to leave the authority and protection of her father.

May God bless you girls! You are such graceful young ladies and I am so glad you could take the time to post on here for us.

king's_daughter said...

Congrats on your "blogaversary" guys!

I started reading Anna's blog, "A Graceful Maiden's Memoir" ( in June 2006, after reading a poem you wrote that was published in an "Above Rubies" e-newsletter. Yours was the first blog I read, and I wasn't even sure what a "blog" was back then. :-) When you stopped your own personal blog, and started your new blog with Miriam, I followed along with you!

I love reading you girl's blog, you have such encouraging words! Keep on going!

king's_daughter said...

P.S. - I've been commenting under various "names" on your blog until I got my blogger profile. :-)

Laura H said...

I read it, almost everyday! I found you on Anna's Musings. I really appreciate your words. Keep up the good work!
Congrats on the blogaversary! I hope you will continue. Your posts are a blessing to me!
Laura H.

Sheila said...

Hi there girls! Happy Blogaversary! I'll answer the questions as best I can.

-How did you find us? To be honest, I've forgotten, but it might be through rebelution, maybe not. Sorry!

-How long have you been reading our blog? Hmm, at least since last fall.

-What is your favorite post that we've done? I'm not sure, but it might just be 'A Different Way of Dressing', for though I don't always wear dresses or skirts by any means, it sure inspired me to want that more. I used to hate pants, so why do I like them now? That was the question in my mind that truly made me think.

-What topic(s) would you like to see us address? I'm not sure. I'll let you know if I think of something. :) You're doing an awesome job so far!

You inspire me to do a good job at my own blog. Thanks girls. :) You truly have a special blog.


Mary-Therese said...

Congratulations, girls!

You said you'd like those who only arrived yesterday to comment as well, and though I arrived the day before, I guess I count. :)

I don't recall how I found you... I was spending a day searching for a few blogs of people I could consider kindred spirits, and there was a link to yours from someone else's, which I found through someone else, and so on and so forth.

The other two questions I can't really answer as I haven't been around long enough.

But, regardless, keep up the good work and God bless!

Anna S said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary, Anna and Miriam! You are doing a wonderful job! Go Maidens of Worth!

I think you're already a bit acquainted with me, through my blog; I found you in the comments section of Crystal's blog on Biblical Womanhood, and been enjoying your writings for a couple of months now!

Ednella said...

Aww, blogging for a year already! They go by so fast, don't they? That's an awesome accomplishment.

~ How did you find us? Hmm, I don't really remember. Maybe through the Rebelution's blog roll.

~ How long have you been reading our blog? I'm not sure on that one either. I think it was since about October, but I haven't read every entry by any stretch of the imagination!

~ What is your favorite post that we've done? I'm not sure. I've liked the recent ones about modesty.

~ What topic(s) would you like to see us address? I like the topics you do now :)

Every blessing,

Luke said...

My name is Michele, I am Anna's sister-in-law. I found the blog when she told me about it! I have been reading it since its beginning. My favorites have, of course, been blogs about my children :). Your blogs about being modest and speaking the Truth throughout all of your blogs have been very good as well.
A topic to blog on: what it means to be a godly sister to your siblings.
love you!

Miriam said...

I'm one of Anna's sisters so I found out about the blog through old-fashioned conversation one day at their house so I've read just about all the blog entries. I'm not sure what my favorite post is - I enjoy seeing what you and Miriam think about through reading what you post. Reading your posts was part of what made me finally decide to start a blog myself.

Ella said...

Wow! Is it possible that a year has gone by? That is so hard to believe, for I rememember the days of Anna having her own blog.

I have greatly enjoyed getting to know both of you, and not just through this blog. I count both of you, Anna and Miriam, as dear friends. It is so wonderful to have found some like-minded fellowship....and Lord willing, may it last several more years!

Anna Joy said...

Hmm..I'm not sure if I remember how I found you all!

It was a couple of months ago though, but I haven't commented until recently.

I think my favorite post was "A Different Way of Dressing" as I do wear skirts all the time and it's always encouraging to read about other girls who have the same convictions.
-Anna Joy

Elijah Lofgren said...

> How did you find us?

I guess it was from your old blog. :)

> How long have you been reading our blog?

Since the beginning. :)

> What is your favorite post that we've done?

I don't know. But a recent one I liked was His Ways Are Higher

> What topic(s) would you like to see us address?

I don't know. You've been doing great so far though. :)

Keep up the great blogging!

- Elijah

Robert said...

Happy blogaversary!

I found you either through the YLCF or another blog's link.

I've been reading your blog since late Oct/ early Nov.

I enjoyed your Willing To Wait post.I also like your dress posts.

I enjoy the variety of topics you write about.

keep up the good work.Your writings have helped me on my journey.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...


This blog has been a great blessing to me. It really is a bright spot on the web. I have been reading your blog since the beginning (or almost the beginning), and I think I found it through a comment on my own blog from Anna. Both of you are a breath of fresh air, and you keep me from feeling like I am the only person who values the things that I do. Thank you!

Maria said...

I'm Anna L.'s oldest sister, Maria, and I will answer the questions at some point:) But I guess I better comment just so you have a roll call or whatever. You were the 2nd or 3rd Lofgren sibling to have a blog (first me and then either you or Elijah, I think) I started back on March 18, 2003.

I like reading what you are thinking and well, it will be interesting to watch you grow and change as we all do through the years. I hope you and Miriam keep it up!


Laura H said...

I am putting your link to Maidens of Worth on my website, if that is ok with you! I think that there are girls out there, that need to know about your blog!
Laura H

Lisa Marie said...

# How did you find us? I forget. It might have been the Rebelution, but I don't think so.

# How long have you been reading our blog? Since March 2007 or some time around there.

# What is your favorite post that we've done? I'm not sure, there were a number of them.

# What topic(s) would you like to see us address? I really don't know

Father's Grace Ministries said...

Congratulations! girls. I've been following your blog almost from the beginning. I think I found it via a link on "Old Fashioned Girl". I'm very impressed by your integrity & passion for God. I've actually just done a post on my blog, all about yours- I hope you don't mind- I'm a Mum of 2 little girls & people here in Australia need to see some good teen role models.
Bless You Both,

Sarah said...

I have been reading your blog for several months now. I think I found it when "A Graceful Maiden's Memoir" was closed. I have really been encouraged since I began reading your blog. I am very grateful to have found like-minded young ladies, even if you live so far away. Thanks for persevering.

bek ingram said...

My name is bek and I am from Australia!!

I found your blog on 'Works of the Heart' by Erin Koller on one of her links.

It would have been maybe 10months ago and I always check for updates.

Thanks guys!