Monday, August 27, 2007

Nobody's Perfect

The online world; it's full of writings from a wide range of people about almost any topic under the sun. Browsing through blogs, you can read about one girl's new skill, another's accomplishment, and yet another's successful project. Rarely do you read about hard stuff, about when someone feels down or something flops. It can be good - after all, a blog really isn't the place to share all your woes! But, by just reading someone's blog, it's easy to come to the conclusion that they're perfect! Sometimes you begin to feel as though you can't measure up, especially after reading some of the wealth of things out there! However, let me remind you again: nobody's perfect.

In reading my writings, you'll see my joy of journaling, joy of sewing, joy of cooking, joy of caring for children... you get the idea. While I'm glad that our blog can be an uplifting and encouraging place, I must be honest: I'm not always joyful. I have hard days and hard times; I feel downhearted and discouraged; I sometimes feel ready to quit... but in all theses times, His grace carries me through.

It can be so easy to be hypocritical, writing one things about how we should live, then doing the exact opposite. I can enthusiastically talk about doing hard things, but do I do them on a daily basis? No, to be honest, I don't.

It's a daily battle, dying to self. Even while writing this, Jubilee walked in and wanted my help with something yet again. I didn't want to get up, break my concentration, and help her; I wanted to stay in my comfortable position and scribble away, but I went. Other times, I'm not so helpful. Again and again I'm given the choice - how will I respond?

For the most part, people would describe me as mature and stable, not prone to extreme highs or lows, but pretty constant. However, sometimes the way I present myself on the outside differs from the turmoil I feel inside. Not many know just how deeply I feel sometimes, just God, my journal and I fully understand. Yes, I am somewhat of a private person. =) When the weight falls on my chest, I try to steal away for a little while, seek precious solitude and write, read, and/or pray.

Another knock on my door, another interruption. Irritation lurks below the surface as I try to answer nicely. There's daily tests of character, daily battles waged inside... Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail. Always, I'm grateful for the all-surpassing grace of my Lord. He is there to pick me up each time I fall and help me carry on.

So be forewarned; the way my life looks through this blog is much nicer and more polished than the actual struggles day-by-day. I try to be sincere and honest, but it's more natural to share triumphs and encouraging happenings. So remember, often you're reading only one side of the story. I'm not perfect. Another thing to remember: what I write isn't perfect. I don't have all the answers, but I try to share out of my experiences. However, my experiences and opinions probably differ in some way from yours. I in no way have it all figured out!

My prayer is that as you read, you'll see the faithfulness of my Father displayed in this life He leads me through.


Maria said...

This is my very FAVORITE of all of your blog posts.

You said: "a blog really isn't the place to share all your woes" and that's fine but to me, when people reveal a little bit of how they too aren't perfect and are a little bit human, it makes me listen more to whatever else they say. If someone only posts of "perfectness," I feel more and more like I can't have much in common with them. I'll always have things in common with you, of course, we're sisters:) I was just talking in general terms.

Thanks for writing this.

Your oldest sister,

girlofgracemeg said...

Great post....I totally agree with everything you've said here. Dying to self IS hard and it's a daily task...if not several times a day.
~~A Big fan and reader of your blog, Meghan G.~~

Ella said...

You know, Anna, I appreciated this. I also can struggle when I am writing a blog post, but I cover it up, so people don't know my frustrations, my trials, and my tears. Thankfully, my penpals do. However, I am so glad that God knows our struggles, and even when we are trying to hide them from others, He knows all about them! And He loves us anyway..and His mercies, grace, and faithfulness are new every morning!

Lydia said...

Great post Anna!
I can definitely relate. It's a lot easier to share the good things that are happening. When people read a blog they are really only getting half the story because we all go through those mundane times and the hard days.
Thanks for the post!

Devyn Karyn said...

Thanks for the honesty. It's nice to have someone admit they're not perfect. A lot of people won't do so, even if that isn't their intention, they seem perfect. I love this post. It's inspiring.

Luke said...

It's easy to give a one-sided view of life on a blog. We're all learning and growing! It was very humble of you to share with "cyberspace" your journey. I have a hard time explaining parts of my own struggles, so tend to just write about what I know I need to be doing in a certain area.

Praise God for His grace!

Thanks for sending your DVD along with your dad! We watched part of it tonight. The music is very pretty!

Love ya,

Miriam Rebekah said...

I can definitely relate here. Being born with not much patience and having five brothers can make you crazy sometimes. I'm praying for patience everyday!

Anna Naomi said...

It's nice to see a lot of people relate. Thanks for reading my musings. =)

Anna S said...

Oh yes, Anna... same here! :) I have *many* difficulties, hard days, moments of despair, and times when I don't look or act my best. However, I want my blog to be peaceful, encouraging and uplifting, so I very rarely share my personal struggles. It's important to remember that the online world is one-dimensional and no one 'has it all together'.

Bonnie said...

Thankyou for your honesty, Anna! I agree, it is hard to sometimes remember that when someone posts something 'wonderful', it doesn't mean they're perfect. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you!


What a wonderful post! I know exactly what you mean! None of us are perfect, we all have struggles and trials. We need the Lord so much each and every day! It is only through Jesus Christ by His power and grace that we can live in victory. :) Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts of all blog-things. =) I, too, have been feeling discouraged from all the wonderful posts other girl out there have on their blog-sites. I've been wanting to start my own blog, but have been feeling as if I'm not capable of being as perfect as those other bloggers. Tis' true, everyone's not perfect, and it is natural to post the very best of things! It's nice to know that there is another girl like me that experiences ups and downs, and tries to find a place of solitude to sort things out. Thanks so much for posting this. Keep on blogging!