Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Musical Completed

As I contemplate the past 5 weeks of practice and preparations for Ruth - From Rejection to Redemption, one thing stands out: God's faithfulness to bring everything to completion. The rehearsals weren't easy - I don't know how trying to keep track of 29 other people's parts in addition to acting myself could be! - but God gave us the strength to get through it all successfully. However, I couldn't have done it alone. In addition to God's help, many others generously gave of their time and energy.

This musical was definitely a family affair, with everyone involved in some way, and being so supportive! They were the first to read the musical in it's various drafts and give me pointers here and there. Mom especially helped in editing it, then helping me plan to produce it and inviting people. Once rehearsals began, everyone did some part: Dad played Boaz, doing a great job learning his long lines and dancing parts even though he has a hard time in memorization. Mom helped with nearly everything, watching all the rehearsals and giving pointers, proofreading emails and the program, advising in costumes and stage design, helping publicize it, and so much more! Miriam ran sound primarily and helped with lights, also locking up several times for me, as we used the building of the church she attends. Lydia worked during most of the rehearsals at her summer job, but finished the week before the musical, taking over running the lights and playing beautiful Jewish violin music during the bows at the end. She was also such a servant in helping to clean up. Elijah filled in running the sound when Miriam couldn't make it, took pictures, and videotaped the presentations. Jubilee did a great job playing Tamar, a haughty servant girl of Boaz, a fictional character used to enhance the story. She also put up with all the early times we had to go to practice, helping to clear off the stage and set up props, then sitting down with a good book to pass the time. I truly couldn't have made it without my family's help!

Other families helped as well - giving so generously! The Hart family was very involved in it all, helping with costumes, props, and whatever else they could, in addition playing many characters. Mrs. Lavonne was my wonderful stage manager, sacrificing being able to watch the performances and instead keeping order backstage. Mr. Rob was the best assistant director, not afraid to remind us to be loud and helping with being expressive. So many other families helped as well with costumes, props, stage, and backstage... I am so blessed to have been able to work with such a great group!

And then, the presentations were done on Friday and Saturday. They went so well, praise God! Everyone portrayed their characters so well, getting into the mood and remembering their lines and cues. The dances and songs were beautiful - I was blessed to work with so many talented young people! The 3 Elders behaved themselves quite well, though we caught some funny shots of them for our bloopers clip, filmed a week ago Saturday. Three dads of children in the play, they kept us laughing. =) All-in-all, the presentations went quite smoothly, everyone finally remembering all the entering and exits and where to stand. Voice projection and facing the audience was stressed over and over during practices, and everyone carried it out quite well during the performances. We got to use sweet Weston, Miriam's nephew as Obed for the first night, and it was so much fun to be able to use a real baby rather than a baby doll! Everyone's costumes worked out well, though we had a few minor veil problems - I just wonder how they kept the slippery things on in Biblical times (we tucked ours into headbands). Praise God for two successful presentations! I'm so grateful for all of your prayers - they helped a lot!

We had a pretty good turn-out for both presentations, and the audience really seemed to enjoy the musical. So many people remarked on what a good job it was, which was a great encouragement. As was our prayer, it seemed to bless many people.

We had a cast party on Saturday evening, then it was good-byes for a while. You grow pretty close after working so hard together... It was such a wonderful group! Thankfully, I'll see most of them regularly, with quite a few taking my ballet classes this fall.

Yes, it is a relief to have it all over with; I no longer have so many details flying through my head, and I've got a chance to get rested up, but I shall miss it. Despite the hard work, it was loads of fun, and though exhausting, it was so enjoyable. Everyone asked when I'd do another musical, then seemed disappointed that it probably wouldn't be before next summer, due to busy schedules during the year. It would be fun to do one before a whole year has passed, but we'll see... We need to recover from this one first!

Praise God for planting this musical in my heart and bringing ti all together! I thank Him for giving us the time, ability, and people to do it all. With a heart full, I proclaim,

"To God be the glory! Great things He has done!"

Pictures should be posted soon... =)


Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna, you were a wonderful director!
I wasn't sure at the beginning, thinking "How can we possibly pull this together in so short a time?"

But we did, with the Lord's help, and with the parents help. :)

It was lots of fun. Thanks for the singing solos that I had. I enjoyed them immensely!

Anna Naomi said...

I know, I wondered near the beginning if we'd be able to pull it together in such a short time, but God was faithful!

You're welcome - you have such a beautiful voice, Miriam. Everyone enjoyed hearing you sing!

Rebekah S. said...

I really wish I could have seen it!!! It sounds so wonderful!! I used to be in some church plays, and they were always so much fun. What a great idea this play was!! Can't wait to see the pictures!


Rebekah S. said...

Thank you so much, Anna for visiting my blog! It meant a lot to me!! I just began the blog last week, and know hardly anything regarding blogs (i.e. how to post pics etc.). I am very very excited though, as the Lord has been doing some trully amazing things in my life lately. Please go back to my blog often, as I will soon be posting about a very very exciting ministry idea for girls and young women that the Lord laid on my heart about 2 months ago.

Thank you for your kind welcome to the blogoshpere! :) I'm trying really hard to get the word out about my blog. Is there any way that you could possible put my blog as a link on yours? If you don't want to or can't, I completely understand, but that would be a huge help to get the word out!!

Thanks so much!

All for His glory,
Rebekah Ann Shadoin

Luke said...

Praise God Anna! How wonderful for it all to have gone so well! It will be so fun to see the DVD of it. I wouldn't worry about another musical too soon! You need a break!

love ya,

Anna S said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment! You did lots of good, hard work, and it sounds as though it was a great success!

Ella said...

I am so glad that it went well. Honestly, I didn't suspect any less. =) You were in my prayers both days!!! I look forward to pictures.

I do have a question.. when I read the script, you had a whole bunch of songs (like by Avalon and others) Did people sing them, or did you play them off a cd?

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for the comments, girls!

Ella, some songs people sang, others we just danced to. I found performance tracks for Adonai and Redeemer but the Fernando Ortega songs I couldn't find, so we just danced to them.