Friday, August 03, 2007

Maidens for Modesty

It was a morning of shopping sales with my siblings. K-Mart had a 40% off clearance, and I was finding many nice shirts for just a couple of dollars each. While walking with Elijah, I spied another rack of colorful shirts that looked promising. Picking one up, I was about to unfold it when I noticed the neckline - a somewhat low looking V. Putting it down, I walked away, mumbling, "No, v-necks never seem to work very well..." Elijah heard, and commented, "You girls must have a hard time finding clothes. It's easy for me. All I have to do is grab a shirt or pair of jeans and I'm set. Men's clothes don't have all of those weird sizes and things."

Yes, we girls do have a hard time when shopping for clothes. I'm sure all of you girls can say a resounding "Amen!" to that! These days, it seems like most things are either too low, too short, too tight, or too something! Finding longer, nice-looking shirts that I actually liked was something pretty rare and quite made my day! Too often, however, I've spent a day shopping only to come home with a sigh and nothing to show for the time spent searching. That's part of why I sew a lot, for I can design and make clothes the way I like them.

Why do we do it? Why do we dress modestly? Is it because it's easy? Definitely not! It takes time, energy, and sometimes more money to find modest apparel. Is it because it's in style? No again. Most of the fashions today would have you showing too much and concealing too little. A modest maiden often stands out somewhat, simply because she's going against the flow. I've longs since stopped trying to fit in with changing fads, and decided to instead focus on making my own modesty statement and starting my own modest trends.

Modesty isn't something that's easy or popular. Neither is it a list of do's and don'ts or clear-cut rules. Modesty starts in the heart and the outward appearance is what reflects what's inside. Nor does modesty simply apply to clothes; true modesty is evident in the way you carry and conduct yourself.

So, why do we dress modestly? We dress modestly to bring glory to our Heavenly Father and to honor Him with what we wear. We dress modestly to protect our brothers and brothers-in-Christ, so that they may at least be spared the visual assaults when with us. We dress modestly to honor our future husbands, saving ourselves for them alone. We dress modestly for the world, to show them that yes, there is something different about us as Christians.

Why do I dress modestly? I dress modestly because I am one of the...

Share your thoughts:
What does a modest maiden look like to you? How does she carry and conduct herself?


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

I like this picture! Very cute...

Many blessings...

Ella said...

You know, so many places I am reading are about modesty. It must be on a lot of hearts besides mine :-)

I know what you mean with trying to find clothes. Mom and I were at JCPenny a few days ago, and I tried on a top that was long. However, it is like the current style: it accenuated the chest too much...and I don't want that. Thus, my sewing lessons :-)

Like you, Anna (and Miriam) I try to dress modest for several reasons. One is that God told me to honor him with body and to protect others from falling. I think that is the big reason. Also, I want to be a testimony of the Lord by what I wear; I want someone to look at me and say, "There is something different, something pure and innocent, about her."

Anna said...

Cute picture!
Modesty surely isn't always easy! It does make a difference though! I sew a lot of my own clothes, which does make life easier. Shopping can be Frustrating!!!
God bless you! -Anna

Laura H said...

Modesty is a part of our life! Or at least it should be. When the girl is young, she is told by her mother, to sit in the right way, to not attract attention to herself, and not to laugh too loud. She is dressed in a frilly dress, and her hair is in ribbons, and she is to be a lady. Well, most of the time, we see our brothers do things that are more fun, and we want to do them too.
I have met a family that skis in skirts. They are brave. The one time I did it, I did it with a skirt, and it didn't work out so well. I didn't know how to ski either!:)
Modesty is not just about our dress, it is about the way we are protrayed by others, and to others. If you wear jeans, and have a meek and quiet spirit, you are modest. The only reason why so many of us think that jeans are immodest, is the conduct that is displayed when girls wear them!I have nothing against jeans. I wear them once in a while when I am working in the garden, or walking the neighborhood(I have to,because we have wind here, and a skirt would be embarrasing if it flew up, in the wind)Well, modesty is a state of mind, not just dress!
Anyway, there is my two cents worth!
Laura H

Anna S said...

Dear Anna, thank you for sharing this. Yes, dressing modestly isn't easy, but it's so, so important. How wonderful that you realized this earlier than I did!! When I was your age (boy does it make me sound old... :P) I dressed in a manner that makes me shudder now. Well, this has changed, and my life is so much better for it!!

PS: I found that many times, wearing layers does the trick for me: if a shirt has a low v-neck, I can wear something with a high neckline under it.

king's_daughter said...

Amen! :-)

I have found that while for as long as I can remember, modesty has been an issue for me, only just recently have I really started to sort out a lot of my personal convictions. For example, I used to wear some rather short shorts...then regular length shorts...and now I only wear knee-length or just-above-the-knee shorts, and capris. The rule I like to go by is that I don't like to expose my thighs.

A lot, if not most, of my personal convictions regarding the practiacal applications of modesty are not shared by my family members, so it can be hard sometimes! I just remind myself that not everyone is going to come to the same conclusions I have, and it took my quite a while to come to them myself. The important thing is not to judge or be legalistic about these matters.

Lovely post!

king's_daughter said...

I have been listening to past episodes of "Revive our Hearts" lately, and though I would share the link with you:

There from the series, "The Attractive Christian Woman", and I really loved how they brough out the need to have inward modesty as well as outward. Our behavior needs to be modest as well as our clothes!

king's_daughter said...

P.S. - Sorry for my poor spelling and grammar is my last two posts...these things need an "Edit" button! :-)

Miriam Rebekah said...

Great post, Anna!

I wear skirts often, but I wear pants, too. I do wear skirts out in public a lot more than I wear pants, but sometimes I feel like doing pants.

I rarely wear shorts. I did wear some recently in public (they weren't indecent at all), but it felt weird. Probably because I never do it. I like capris and when I can find a good, not-too-tight and decent pair of jeans, I like them, too.

Well, I'm tired, so I shall stop this rambling.

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for all of your thoughts! It's so nice to hear from other girls committed to modesty.

Modesty isn't pants vs. skirts. I do wear skirts 99.999 % of the time, but it's because I really like them. =) I can't imagine skiing in a skirt though, Laura. I've skied before, and it doesn't seem very conducive to skirts! ;-)

King's_Daughter - I agree, they do need an edit button! Thanks for the link; I'm off to read it!

Sheila said...

I agree, and I totally understand those vacant sighs at the end of a long day of shopping. I just really don't get what's so great about going shopping for the sake of it, especially when there's nothing modest to buy!

I have recently started thinking a bit more about modesty, and I'm constantly checking with everyone whether a shirt I'm wearing is too low or pants are too tight and such. Fortunately, I'm doing just fine. :) It's not that I wasn't conscious of it before, it's just that I want to be MORE conscious of it.

I also purchased a new swimsuit a few weeks ago from, and I love it. It's still stylish, but it covers everything. That makes me a whole lot more comfortable when swimming in public. ;)

It's a hard thing sometimes, but for the glory of our Heavenly Father, we can swim upstream in this area!

In Christ,

Beverly said...

Keep on serving him! I really enjoyed this post because it is a topic close to my heart. I remember the countless trips with my mom when I really needed something to wear. We often came home with nothing! I wasn't very good at sewing although I did try several times to make something.

Being very petite, I didn't even fit into women's sizes for a really long time, and only fit into junior sizes. There was usually not ONE outfit in juniors that was appropriate.

God was ever faithful though. In those days there was a young woman who was married and very modest. She was growing out of her things, and passed them ALL down to me! I still have some of those clothes.

Tashi said...

I don't like to sew at all, but I keep on learning because 1. I will never have any of the dresses I love unless I do! (I love so many of the dresses you have made!), 2. When I grow up, I suspect it might be harder to find modest clothes- so I'll want to sew for my girls., and 3. I do like the idea of being able to seems like a good homemaking requirment to me! :)

But, anyway, I dread going fall shopping. My standards in modesty and femininity have changed so much in the last year that I don't know what to expect!

Jessica said...

I love the picture, very neat!! :)

tabithaserverofgod said...

I just love you girls, I hope and pray my daughter will be like you!
I love modesty and dresses, but my hubby don't like me wearing dresses around...I guess he Is more up to date...Im the old fashion heart!
I love the lord and he knows my heart.
you girls are the best!
your sis In christ Tabby

Julia said...

Hi Anna and Miriam,
I LOVE this post. After much ado I was finally able to get a link for your site on my new blog, Julia's Journal. You can add me to your maidens list!

RubySapphire said...

Thank you so much for posting this.
Lately I've been asking God to show me how to dress modestly and really show myself as a modest, humble, true young woman in Christ.
Everything you've written in this passage is soo true. Amen! ^_^
It is very hard to find modest clothes but with much prayer, God will direct us exactly to a store that has something that's just right for us.
We are His children and He does supply our needs. Especially when we come to Him in humility with a good heart. ^_^
The other day, I was going to put on pants, and suddenly, it was like, I couldn't ...I just couldn't =) Oh my goodness, I thanked God so much for that.
The only time I wear pants is when working out because I need leg room but I make sure the pants are not too tight or anything.
I'm a working progress but I'm glad that God is showing me how to present myself as His child on the outside, and more importantly on the inside. Which eventually, both will connect. ^_^

~God bless you so much <3

rachel said...

Thank you, sisters
Well, nobody ever have taught me how to dress. When I was a little girl that had grown up fast my skirts became short and people started to make me feel bad. Then as a tenager I was extremely shy and would even wear winter clothes at summer, so embarassed I was!
I always wanted to learn sewing because I had in my mind clothes like in the victorian era, romantic dresses, skirts and blouses.
I bought vintage clothes, some of then are realy elegant,but most people would make fun of me anyway. I felt like a clown.
Then I lost much weight and had to buy junior clothes, that didn't fit so well. But then many men started to treat me with some malice and disrespect.
I felt very bad again.
I'm trying to sew clothes, but it is rather difficult.
What to do?
As someone you said, it's not easy.
I trust in the Lord to help me with the sewing.
I do think that it is a relevant matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I been searching online for modest clothes, being a christian and all it's very hard to find really nice clothes. And I just found your blog, which actually inspires me to keep dressing modestly b/c we love the Lord Jesuscrist. Also, knowing that my sister and I are not the only ones trying to serve the Lord w/ all of our hearts. So my sister and I are planning on taking sewing classes. God Bless you! Liz
PS: If you have any good websites for clothes please forward to my e-mail (

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT picture!!!

P.S. I put the link on my blog. My blog is

Sarah B. said...

I love the dresses and the long hair. I would like to make such feminine dresses. I love the lace and color. My sisters and I wear mostly skirts and dresses, but I would love to make more dresses.

Candy ♥ said...

I added your picture to my blog.
Candy :)

Jaime said...

I really love reading your thoughts on different subjects. It is very difficult to find modest clothes as a female. Do you sell clothes to others?? If so, I would be interested in buying--I love the dresses you make!!! I am trying to alter a shirt to match my green skirt--the neck was too low. So, I best get working on that............

In Him,

Anna Naomi said...

Jaime: No, I don't sell clothes. Sewing for myself, family, friends, and costumes for productions keeps me busy!

anonymous said...

I've been searching for blogs like yours. Yes, looking for modest clothes are hard this days,the stores mostly sells showy and skinny clothes which I must not wear anymore for that is not pleasing in the Lord's eyes. Your blog inspires me more in dressing modestly and maintaining modesty. :-) Thank you and God bless ! :D