Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maiden Roses

Delicate soft petals, lacy fringed edges, and a sweet perfume...

Like almost any other girl, I delight in roses. I was thrilled and thankful for the beautiful pink roses mom and dad surprised me with after the musical. Taking advantage of the excellent and natural outdoor lighting, I took some breathtaking pictures, capturing forever the beauty of some of God's loveliest flowers.

What is it about a rose that so appeals to a girl's senses? Is it the delicate nature or lovely scent? Whatever it is, they have the wonderful ability to make a maiden feel so so special - and so feminine.

Maidens are somewhat like roses. As a little girl, we're like a rosebud, closed up until the proper time, yet sweetly brightening the world with our little bud. We grow into young ladies and gradually begin to blossom into a rose in bloom. If we spend our maidenhood wisely, we open at just the right time, and God grows in us a beauty, each different shades and hues. Some try to force their rosebud to open up prematurely, wanting the big rose now; they soon find, however, that a rose is delicate, quickly crushed or bruised. A patient maiden bides her time, perhaps not being as acclaimed as the premature rose, but finding that in time, the full-blown rose was worth the wait.

Be one of those rosebuds slowly maturing in God's timing. Each rose blossoms at a different time, yet the loveliness of God's roses as they reveal their inner character is better than trying to force the blossom before it's ready.

Beautiful, feminine, lovely. Grow in God's garden, tended by His hand. Each rose has His beauty to unfold.


Singing2Him said...

Beautiful! So true, Anna! Yes, Roses are a wonderful reminder of how we, as maidens of the King, are slowly blooming in God's timing, not our own. Keep up writing! :)

Through Christ,

Anna S said...

Very beautiful and uplifting, Anna. I think that if we knew the plans He has for us, we would never be tempted to rush and have things 'our way'. But as it is, we just need to learn to trust in Him! Each one of us is beautiful and precious in her own unique way.

Laura H said...

Ooooohhh, pretty,

Love roses. Mine are white, and pink.

Have a great day!

Ella said...

I love roses! We have about seven bushes in our front yard, and I try to bring them into the house often. They brighten it so.

I say this all the time, but Anna, you sure have a way with words. This was a beautiful reminder. Truly, roses lose their "lustr, shine and innocence" when they are awakened too early. The temptation to see the rose (before it is ready) is greatly there, but it doesn't compare with God's timing!

Beverly said...

Absolutely beautiful, both the roses and the words.