Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feeling Blue?

A girl's emotions.... Up, down, high, low, topsy-turvy... It sometimes seems seems as though they're never the same! One minute you're happy, the next sad; one day you're sunny and bright, and next, dark and gloomy. God made us girls very emotional! Sometimes out of desperation we'd like to cry, "God, did you have to make us this way? I'd rather not feel at all then feel so strongly!" However, emotions are part of God's gift to us as women. The question is, what will we do with them?

In one day we can go from being bouncy, upbeat, and somewhat hyper to being in the depths of despair! Some say that no one can really understand us women, which makes sense when we sometimes can't even understand ourselves! How are we to handle the wide range of feelings that get thrown at us?

Now, I'm no expert. Like every one of you, I sometimes feel as though I'm on a roller coaster of emotions, with many high peaks then deep drops. One thing I've found: emotions keep us constantly needing to run to God. If we're joyful and glad to be alive, it's a reminder for us to thank and praise God for the wonderful day and for helping us find beauty in the little things. If we're tired and worn to a frazzle, He is there, ever ready to give us strength and help us carry on. If we're lonely, He's the best Friend there is, always ready to help us find encouragement and hope. When our world seems as though it's falling into shambles, He is the solid, unchanging Rock, our Shelter through every storm. And even in the hard and trying times, we need to remember to give thanks in all circumstances and thank Him for never leaving or forsaking us (Hebrews 13:5)

It's all too easy for us to use our emotions as an excuse, saying, "Well I'm just not feeling myself today," or "I know I shouldn't have been so harsh or crabby, but I'm tired and have worked hard all day!" You know what I'm talking about! I find myself using such excuses too often, then yet again having to bring my emotions, tiredness and hurt before the comforting Father, asking Him once again to give me His strength and love to carry me through.

He is faithful.


Naomi said...

He is faithfull indeed! :)
Thanks for the reminder!
God bless,

Laura H said...

I know I use my emotions as an excuse. I make a lot of excuses to get out of something I know is right to do! What is it with us? We get so irrational, and make it the other person's fault. How unthoughtful of us! I know when I was 17, all my problems were the other person's fault(so I thought). Now I know, that when I get emotional, it is because I have not taken St. John's Wort, or a proper balace of iron. Not saying that that is the cure all, but it helps, smooth things out!And clears your mind! All I know, is now the emotional fits I have, do not work on my wisened parents, and siblings. I have learned to grow up! And I am 25 years of age!
There is always something you learn, and you are always growing!

Well, that is my two cents worth! Praise the Lord, He has given me the strength to control my emotions. Not saying that they don't slip. It is a human thing to do. That is how there is passion in this world, if the woman has it! She focuses that passion on her husband and family, and it helps her carry on! Wow, that is incredible. Lord, do not take away that passion!

Laura H

Anna S said...

As always, Anna, I enjoy reading your thoughts. There are happy days, and sad days; moments we want to bring back again, and moments we want to forget. But whatever it is, it is a *gift* from Him. The trials and difficulties are gifts too; how little we would learn if everything was just happy and rosy all the time!

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the reminder, Naomi! :) Wonderful post.

Ella said...

Oh, I know about this emotion thing. And while I try to praise God when things are good, I always wind up turning to Him in the difficulties. It definitely isn't easy, and I wish life wasn't always so difficult, but I am so thankful the God is faithful!!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Ah, I can relate with these feelings quite well. Like you said, I'm sure any girl can. :)

I certainly have my down days when my siblings know to avoid me because of the look on my face. But I try to let those days remain few.

Lori Beth said...

What an encouraging post- God truly is faithful, even when we aren't! Oh, and thank-you for your sweet comments on Something Greater- they are very kind!

Soli deo gloria!

Sheila said...

It's true! I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for the encouragement to step beyond the emotions.

In Christ,

Servant of the Lord said...

Rarely have I seen such honesty from a lady. With such open honesty and humility who minds about the emotional turbulance? :-) Praise God that thier are still some some maidens of worth!
I actually used that very same term in a poem I wrote a few weeks back. You can see it if you like at http://www.homeschoolalumni.org/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2618
and then go to my weblog.
Keep it up, you're an encouragement

Kat said...

Thanks, that is just what I needed I've been so up and down lately.