Sunday, August 05, 2007

Charles G. Finney

I was recently reading about Charles Grandison Finney in one of my schoolbooks, and it was so interesting that I went on the Internet to see if I could find out more about him. I found his memoirs and starting reading. When I came upon his account of his conversion, I was instantly engrossed. His story is amazing and I really recommend it.

Memoirs of Charles G. Finney
-Charles Finney's Birth and Early Education
-Charles Finney's Conversion to Christ


Laura H said...

I have read Charles Finney, and really appreciate what he has to say. I like his bio too!

Have you ever seen the Movie,The End of the Spear, the story about Jim Elliot, and his companions. It was a really inspiring story of his family and how they coped with their unexpected death, and the conversion of the natives that killed them! Really great movie! I want a copy for my library!
Laura H

Robert said...

I haven't heard of Charles Finney before but I will read the links you posted.

cass said...

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Oh and I want to ask Anna where she has found her purity ring! I like hers a lot and I would love to get one of similar simple design, to remind me at all times, the purity promise I have given to God.

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I would love for all 3 of you beautiful maidens to leave me comments on my tagboard. As sisters-in-Christ, you 3 have been of great inspiration and encouragement to me!

Oh by the way, I would encourage you all to get to know Jim and Elisabeth Eilliot's love story, the story of how God worked a miracle through them! It's really inspiring and lovely!

Love, cassandra, your sister-in-Christ. (Singapore) <3!

Anna Naomi said...

Cassandra, nice to hear from you! It's neat that you live in Singapore! My grandparents were actually missionaries there, many years ago.

I hope you find a pretty dress - it is disheartening to see many of the fancy dresses today. Sewing does take time. There's some beautiful dresses here: but they are quite expensive! Perhaps you can wear one using a shawl or something, as you mentioned.

I've read Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot, and heard more of her and Jim's story. I agree - it's wonderful!

God bless you!

hannah peters said...

Thanks for the interesting comments about C.G. Finney! I've been really impressed with his views on revival. I don't have the quote here, but I remember he said something along the lines of, "revival is not so much when non-Christians start turning to God, but when Christians start turning to God to clear up sin in their lives.

It is however important to realise that, though he had some really good points, he was also a human being, and was fallible, and one error that he had that we have to be careful about was the error of believing that people are saved through emotional experiences. All right, I'll back myself up. Scott Aniol put a post on his blog about this (click on his name to see post.) He didn't comment on it, so please check the comments underneath - particularly the top one.

Anyhow, I really do appreciate his ministry, but I find it easy sometimes to gobble down the bad along with the good in people lives. Let's be careful!

hannah peters said...

I'm not sure if you got my first comment - I didn't realise that I hadn't yet set up my blogger account on this computer.

I appreciate the life of C.G.Finney. I especially appreciate some of the things he said on revival. One thing he said was (and I don't have the exact quote) "Revival is not so much when non-Christians turn to God, but rather, when Christians do. Meaning, Revival is not so much a time of all sorts of non-Christians coming to Christ as it is a time when Christians realise how errant they are from the ways of God and turn again to the Bible ways.

I do have a few things I don't like about Finney however. One of these is his attempt to make emotion the base for conversion. Click here for a longer article on some of the things that he said about this. The author of the post doesn't comment, so please check the comments below the article - particularly the first one.

In closing, I'm really glad I ran accross this website - sometimes I'm tempted to feel as though I'm all alone - it's great to know there are other people with similar standards to my own!

Hannah Peters