Friday, July 20, 2007

Under Construction

Miriam and I are in the process of redesigning our blog layout. If this page looks really weird for now, please bear with us as we work on making a new look for Maidens of Worth.

*Edit* Everything's finally done! Let us know what you think. Thanks to Elijah for all of his invaluable help!!


Claire said...



You have done a great job! What "template" do you all use? I've been wanting to redesign my blog look as well, but I'm very good at computers. :( Maybe you could give me some hints? :)

Anna Naomi said...

We started with the "Rounders" template, and changed colors and added different pictures and buttons, etc. We couldn't have done it without Elijah's help! However, blogger does have a somewhat simple way to choose to do different things when you click on "layout". Having Elijah, who knows html, really helped us do everything we wanted, however!