Friday, July 06, 2007

The New Room - Part 3

Putting in windows and doors.

Shingles on the roof and vinyl on the outside walls.

The wonderful sheetrock on the inside (actually, it's horribly dusty!).

And...we painted it yellow!

Eating breakfast with Papa this morning. Last night was his first night here.

All of us grandkids are thrilled to have Papa here with us. It is definitely a new responsibility, but children should learn how to care for elderly folks, in my opinion.


Victoria said...

PRAISE GOD ! I am truly excited for you all and for Grandpa David ! (He reminds me some of my dad whose name is David. My dad's already in heaven.)

Your grandpa, I'm sure, is delighted to be with you all. Spend MUCH time "loving on" him as they say here in the south. Every day is precious and only God knows how many or how few they will be.

Love to your whole family and Grandpa as well, Anna's mom

Laura Marie(Perennial Pioneer) said...

Wow!That is some room!
I actually live with my grandparents, who are next door to my parents. We have a doublewide mobile home, that has three bedrooms in it, and I have one, for my own. My little siblings help with the chores, and such, for Granddad, and Granna, so they are learning to deal with older people, too. I think it is a good idea!
Laura Perennial Pioneer

Anna S said...

Wow, it looks like you're working hard. Good luck with all the renovations!

Chrissy said...

Your comment: "It is definitely a new responsibility, but children should learn how to care for elderly folks, in my opinion." is so very true. You will be blessed by having him there. I speak from experience because we had my husbands father come live with us for about nine months before he passed away from a car wreck. The memories our children have from that experience are so vivid and special that they still talk about it as yesterday and it was over a year ago now.

Relish the stories he tells, take care of him for he has taken care of your family...and even if he hasn't been good at that, he has done the best he could. He is living there with you for a purpose. And it is the time to make his time here special...

Love to you...this is my first visit to your blog, I followed a link from another blog that had one of your poems on it. Nice blog here. I will send my daughters.

Robert said...

The new room looks good.I noticed that you have a nice,large front porch.It must be a good place to sit during your warm evenings.

Anna Naomi said...

Great job on finishing it! I can't wait to see it sometime up close. =)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

This is a wonderful blessing and opportunity! God bless your family!

Maria Pauline said...

You are so blessed to have your grandfather living with you! (And he is blessed to have such a wonderful granddaughter!)

My mother's parents died 30 years ago (my mom was only 19 and almost 21, respectively. she's also the youngest) And my father's parents live in Norway, so I don't get to see them often, but I love them dearly. They're both 82. I might get to spend the summer with them.

So often I wish I had grandparents who lived in town where I could visit them whenever I was in town. I live ten miles into the country so it's not practical for me to go home between activities sometimes.