Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Today is the 17th birthday of my dearest friend, Anna Naomi!

I had actually wanted to write a much longer post today, but I wasn't able to.
So, I'll just say that Anna is the most wonderful, loyal, sweet, and caring friend I've ever been blessed with, and I thank God all the time for giving her to me!


Elijah Lofgren said...


You are a wonderful sister and friend!

Your brother,


Anna S said...

Happy birthday, Anna! We don't know each other in person but I always enjoy your posts; it really shows through them what a sweet, special young lady you are and what a blessing you are to your family!

Susan said...

Happy birthday, Anna. May the Lord bless you with many more :-).

Ednella said...

Awww! Happy birthday, Anna! (I know, I'm late. . .)

Ella said...

Happy birthday, Anna!!! I hope you had a wonderful day away from home. (But you were with Jen, so I bet it was good :-) I so appreciate your friendship!!! I look foward to the e-mails about Ballet Magnificat!

God's blessings on you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful 17th year!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed day!

Oh, and be sure to stop by my blog when you get a minute because I gave you and Miriam a Blogger Reflection Award! :-)

Robert said...

Hope you had a fun birthday Anna!

Mrs. Hart said...

We love you, Anna! Hope you and Jennifer had a very special day!

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful time - but I'm so old now! ;-) I'll post pictures of it when I have the time...

Gary said...

Dear Maidens of Worth,

I know little of what your beliefs are as yet but I would just like to say that seeing such love of femininity is encouraging. There is all too little of it here in Northern Ireland. You may or may not like the blog of my friend and I; my friend is a minister in Scotland. We do seek however to encourage homeschooling, femininity and masculinity, courtship and much more.


Miriam Rebekah said...

Hi Gary,
Thanks for visiting our blog!

Do you mind sharing the link to your blog?

Gary McCullough said...

Dear Miriam Rebekah,

Ah! Sorry; I thought that clicking my name should have brought you to it. It is

It is not a site with much personal stuff in it or pictures. We started it purely for teaching a Christian worldview. We thus post articles of our own, and good material written by some of the godly men God has blessed the church with in the past. We are particularly concerned to advocate Christian education - preferably homeschooling - but we try to cover a broad range of subjects and issues.

My friend is a godly and learned minister who has been a great help to me. He is married to a real maiden of worth, and has five beautiful children. I live at home with my parents, and am still waiting to find a maiden of worth.

You will certainly find one feature of our site useful and edifying; namely, our quote pages. They are on the left side bar and categorised under a dozen or so subjects. The contents of those pages are really a summary of all we wish to teach on our site. You may particularly like the quote pages on 'Courtship and Marriage', 'Education and Homeschooling', 'Personal Holiness, Masculinity and Femininity', 'Home and Family', and 'Experimental Christianity'.

Feel free to use any of the quotes you like on your site; and indeed any material you benefit from.