Monday, July 23, 2007

Creating a Writing Portfolio

Today I kept busy putting together a writing portfolio. For quite a while I had been meaning to print off most of the things I have written and compile them in a notebook for easy reference. Having nothing pressing today, I decided to put off procrastinating and get the job done.

After quite a bit of time spent copying, pasting, and printing off many articles from my blog, Anna's Writing Portfolio is complete! Now all I have to do is make sure that I print off each article, essay, or musing as I write it.

I have long enjoyed writing, and having a notebook that I can page through each time I need to find something I've written is quite handy! Though I've only just made it, the notebook is already quite full; the result of two past years of blogging, I suppose! As one who writes better when sitting alone and using a good, old-fashioned pencil and paper, the writing portfolio will be handy to use when I need to reference a past post. Plus, in the event that I ever want to have someone read something, I can put the book into their hands, instead of having to run and pull the article up on the computer.

For all of those who enjoy writing, may I suggest that you create your own portfolio? The computer does store things nicely, but somehow there's something special about holding what you've written in your hands. Printing articles corresponding to different topics on different colored paper is something I did, and it makes it easy to find things in that particular topic. Whatever your methods, creating a portfolio is very simple - all it takes is a binder, page protectors, and paper.

Enjoy writing and keeping what you've written for years to come!


Anna S said...

Even though internet is a great invention and I enjoy emailing and blogging, I don't abandon my good old faithful notebooks where I write thoughts and poems. I also correspond with one of my cousins through REAL letters :) You're right, there's something special about it.

Miriam Rebekah said...

What a wonderful idea! Now I need to incorporate it. :)

thepatriot said...

Computers can never be trusted; PRINT OFF EVERYTHING YOU VALUE! :) I do have a notebook of my own writing, but I often forget to print things off when I write them... it really does look so nice and neat when printed and placed in a book, though!

Beverly said...

This is a great idea! I wish I had done something like this. Of course, I guess it is never too late to start :-)


What a great idea!! I have so many journals, and other stuff I've written, that I wish I had all in one book. I have to give it a try.
Great Post! :)

Susan said...

I started doing this shortly after I started blogging. I need to update it, though! Thanks for the reminder :-).