Friday, July 27, 2007


Since we moved to Alabama around 13 years ago, summer and blueberries have become synonymous. We made some good friends after we arrived, who just happened to had blueberries bushes absolutely loaded with berries. Every summer, we'd go over to their house a few times to pick berries, having contests as to who could get the most. Around 4-5 years ago, we got some blueberry bush shoots from them, and daddy has planted them on our property, lining our dirt road. They didn't produce much the first few years, but are finally beginning to give us quite a crop of berries.

There's nothing quite like a blueberry. It's absolutely sweet, melt-in-your mouth taste is just delicious! It's nice to be able to walk outside and snatch a few off the bushes as you walk past, popping them in your mouth and savoring the sweetness. The best time to pick is early in the morning, before the blazing sun comes out and begins broiling. I've spent many-a-morning out there, enjoying the serene morning sounds, the one slightly-cool part of the hot Alabama summers.

Blueberries are also fun to cook with! They make delectable pies and muffins. They're also wonderful to have on your cereal, something I've been doing nearly every morning since the berries first appeared.

Do you have any favorite recipes that uses blueberries? Please share with us in the comment section - I'd like to have more things to make these yummy berries into!

Praise God for His abundance!


Victoria said...

It was amazing to me, when we moved to Alabama, that blueberries even grew here.
God has truly blessed that we even have some growing on this land ! Blueberries are also really good for one's health.

Blueberry pie was always my favorite dessert growing up; what a Blessing to find 2 pies in the kitchen yesterday.
Thank you, Anna, and PRAISE GOD !

Love, Mom

Laura H said...

Yummy, I love blueberries! But even better, I love wild Huckleberries. I also like Thornless Blackberries, to make pies and jam! We have three plants, and I hope to get enough to make a pie for Thanksgiving this year! Delicious!
Laura H

Claire said...

My family loves blueberries. We go every year to a farm about 30 minutes from here (called a "tree-berry" farm because they raise christmas trees and blueberries) and pick an average of about 80 to 100 pounds... then our freezers are stocked and we enjoy them all year round. We do all kinds of things with them, but especially like frozen fruit smoothies made in our VitaMix.

By the way, that's a gorgeous pie in the photo! :)

And huckleberries? Don't know if I've ever tried them! But now I'm somewhat curious to...

Anna Naomi said...

Laura, we have huckleberries as well - they produce just before the blueberries. They're good, but I enjoy blueberries more, for their bigger! It takes a really long time to pick enough huckleberries to make anything, but they are yummy! We also have blackberries, but they have thorns and chiggers, so I don't enjoy them as much.

Yes, we also stock up in our freezer to use them all year. Our plants still don't produce much extra to do this, but we went and picked at our friend's bushes, and got around 4-6 gallon bags to freeze!