Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Week of Music

The title of this post is "A Week of Music", and it definitely was that. Last week, I was at Piano Camp and it was all music. If I wasn't in a class or practicing, then I was sitting down listening to my Piano Literature CD. I had gone to this camp last year, but it was different this year. I knew a lot of the kids now and what was expected during the week. It was about the same amount of work (I don't know, maybe more), but a lot more fun.

If a practice room was empty and you had nothing to do, then you knew where you were expected to be. :) I practiced more in the last week than I have in quite some time. (blushes)

I was given the same teacher as last year, which I was happy about. I like his ways of teaching.

He pretty much took apart my piece (Moonlight Sonata) and I had to speed it up and soften the triplets and other four days...well, evidently I fixed it enough for the final recital.

At the beginning of camp, we were given a duet part and partner. My original partner was going to be leaving on Friday, so I had to find someone else. My new partner and I started working on our duet Wednesday night with only two more days till "duet juries". I didn't seriously think our duet would pass the "juries", but it did! In fact, only two duets out of eleven passed. I was quite surprised, but glad. :)

Well, by the end of camp, I was exhausted, happy it was over, but sorry to leave all my new friends so soon. There were lots of laughs and jokes told (some quite corny!) and everyone got along (most of the time). =)

Our camera's memory stick broke, so Mother wasn't able to get many pictures. Here are the ones she did get.

Ligon Chapel, where the final recital was held.
I absolutely fell in love with the piano.

A gorgeous Steinway piano.

Another view of the chapel, but the lighting is

not as pretty as the other one.

Ji Na and I performing our duet, The Spanish Dance.

Left to right: Brit, Jenny, me, Jordan, and John.

(I have no idea what Jenny is doing).

The entire group of twenty-one kids that attended Piano Camp.

I could name them all...but I'm not. ;)


Ella said...

I would love something like this! (As you know I love piano!) need to send you an e-mail about all the stuff I am playing at the moment.

I think it would be cool if you and I could play a duet together!

Elijah Lofgren said...

I'm glad you had fun!

Congratulations on passing the "duet juries". :)

Thanks for sharing about your experience and posting pictures!

May the music never end,


Miriam Rebekah said...

Ella, I would love to hear about what you're playing. It would be so neat if we could do a duet!
Hmm...maybe we can plan a meeting someday... ;)

It was fun! I second your last statement. I pray the music may never end!