Tuesday, June 19, 2007

News Flash: A Rebelutionary Meeting

It is reported that Jennifer Duff, the teen running the blog Jennifer's Musings has been spotted at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska. Sources tell us that she is preparing to fly to Alabama, to meet up with the teen she calls her twin, Anna Lofgren of Maidens of Worth. In the note of absence posted on her blog, Jennifer says that she is " taking a three week vacation of dancing in Alabama and Mississippi". We understand the part about Alabama, but reporters are working on figuring out what will be going on in Mississippi. We'll keep you posted. Rumor has it that Miriam Hart, also of Maidens of Worth, is planning to meet with the two girls on Thursday, for a Rebelutionary gathering at the Lofgren's house.

Jennifer and Anna first met in December of 2006, after writing each other for almost a year. Jennifer describes finding "a kindred spirit in a sister several states away" in her friend Anna. Anna says that "It has been such a blessing to know that there's a girl all the way in Nebraska praying for me, and there to listen and offer encouragement."

The girls connected through the Rebelution, a worldwide movement of Christian young people rebelling against what they call "the low expectations of an ungodly culture." The National Scoop has reported on many such gatherings between members since the beginning of the organization in August of 2005. "It's disturbing," comments T. Rebel Lion, "these teens could be ruining my life! If they spread their ideas too far, the culture may begin expecting me to Do Hard Things as well. I like my life of laziness - we must put a stop to this Rebelutionary message."

Whatever the outcome, Jennifer and Anna will be meeting and planning together this week in Alabama. We'll keep you posted on the results.


Anna S said...

I hope you girls have a great time!!! :)

Miriam Rebekah said...

Hmmm...funny. You sometimes wonder how these rumors are started. :)

Ella said...

Love how you did this!!! Have a great time with Jennifer!

Alex Jordan Harris said...

Great job, Anna! How exciting. =D