Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News Flash: A Follow-up

Today we'd like to follow up on what we reported about yesterday - the meeting of two Rebelutionary girls. We had a reporter blend into the crowd when Anna welcomed Jennifer off of the plane in Montgomery. By doing so, we were able to confirm the details of the Mississippi visit, overhearing the girls excitedly talking about it. It appears that both of the girls are headed to the Ballet Magnficat! Summer Dance Intensive on Sunday, to stay for two weeks. This makes sense, as both of the girls are avid dancers.

Our reporters spotted the girls this morning in Alabama's capitol, seeing the sites, shopping, and eating out. Seeing their fabric purchases, we have reason to suspect that a sewing project may be underway. Shadowing the girls, we were surprised to see very composed young ladies, behaving with decorum and respect while alone in the city. Maybe this Rebelutionary message does have some good truth to it. Whatever the outcome, we wish the very best to Anna and Jennifer, as they enjoy the benefits of true friendship.

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Frazzledsister said...

Sounds like you girls are having a lot of fun! It's pretty quiet here at home, especially in the evening when I have the whole upstairs to myself. WE miss you Jen!