Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A simple equation

This:I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning and cooking in the last few days, to get ready for the family reunion we'll be having here this weekend. All-in-all, we'll have 38 people hanging around the house for around 4 days. I'm looking forward to seeing all the relatives!

Plus this:

Yes, I'm still doing school work. With all the busyness of the last year, I've gotten behind. Hopefully I'll finish up my books by the middle of June. I'm looking forward to being done!

Does not equal much extra time!


Robert said...

Sounds like it will be a busy but fun weekend.Hopefully,you will get help with all the dishes!

Anna S said...

Good luck! I can understand you so well, things are busy around here too!

Samantha Brooks said...

I know how you feel, Anna! I still have 2 subjects to finish up. Thankfully, you have only 1 year left! have fun with your relatives coming!


Ella said...

Have fun with all of the relatives!! I have every confidence that you will finish your books in the near future!!

Brittany said...

Wow..I know exactly how you feel! I am trying to finish up school from last year this summer too! (:

Ednella said...

I'm done with the school year and I've begun summer school, but I still know what you mean! Everything is just so crazy-busy!!