Monday, May 21, 2007

Praising Him With Dance

On Saturday, May 19th, at 4 p.m. The King's Praise Ballet presented The King's Praise Celebration - Around The Throne. Praise God, everything went well for His glory!

The songs were presented in the order they're in the photo gallery on . After the first two songs, Mr. James Hart, Caleb Hart, Lydia, and Daddy led us in worship of our King, as we sang 3 songs together. The girls each in turn shared the dances they had learned, and they all danced beautifully! It was so exciting to see the girls dance, when many of them hadn't even taken ballet classes before September 2006. My first experience has a teacher has been great, and I look forward to teaching again in the fall, Lord willing.

God is so good. I couldn't have done anything without Him. This past year of teaching has been a very stretching experience for me, yet I have learned so much and had a fun time! Through teaching I have learned so many valuable lessons - how to plan an event, how to organize all the little details, how to delegate tasks, how to teach dance, how to get little ones to cooperate =) and so much more! There were times I wondered how it would all work out, but God is so faithful. He gave me the strength to teach. He helped me organize everything. He was the One that helped me get through everything - the good and the hard times. On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, that never quite went away, but He was my strength. The sore throat lessened as the day progressed, and by the time of the Celebration, was just barely there. He protected me from it progressing into anything worse; instead of coming down with a full-blown cold, as I'm apt to do, the sore throat was gone Sunday morning, and I haven't felt sick since. Praise Him!

There were so many that helped and supported me through this teaching, and I am so thankful. I couldn't have done it without all oof them! I especially want to thank my parents and siblings; they were the ones that helped me plan things out, listened as I bounced ideas off of them, and just supported me in my role as a teacher. Daddy and Lydia helped lead worship at the Celebration. Mom was there to help me plan the classes and other details, and always helped proofread the many dance notes I wrote. Elijah was my photographer and videographer and did a great job! Jubi took classes from me. Miriam helped me get permission to use the church building that we met at. They all provided so much encouragement when I needed it most. I have been blessed with a wonderful family.

The family currently living at home: Elijah, Daddy, Lydia, Me, Mom, and Jubilee

Mom was very kind to get 2 dozen pink and white roses for me to share with my students after the Celebration. They're beautiful!


Ella said...

I am so glad that everything went well. I am also glad that you knew God was the one giving you strength!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the pictures in the previous post and on the website! I always wanted to do ballet. I wish I could dance with your group! :-)

Sheila said...

I feel exactly as Bryant feels! I would LOVE to take ballet from you, where I could not have to worry about immodest moves etc. I have tried several times to take dance, and for one reason or another, it has always fallen through, either because it was too difficult for my level, or because it was too competitive, or because of immodest moves. Oh well! Praise God that all went well! The pictures are beautiful! :)

Miriam Rebekah said...

You were a wonderful teacher, Anna! After I got over being taught by my best friend, it wasn't that bad at all. :)

That's really a good picture of your family.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

To Him be the Glory! It must have been a wonderful experience for the girls to experience this type of worship!

Anna Naomi said...

Shelia, I definitely understand about not being able to find a good place to take dance. I have tried many different places to get good ballet training, and have had to simply not perform with my class, because of the skimpiness of the costumes. I'm currently trying to look yet again for a place to take in the fall... Part of the reason I began to teach was because I've had such a hard time finding a place to take that has strong Christian values.

Miriam, I really enjoyed having you in my class. I know it must have been weird to have me teach you, but you did a wonderful job! You progressed so quickly!

Country Rosebud said...

Hey, great post! Sounds like you had fun! I would love to learn to dance. I have two left feet!:)
I just created a new blog for myself. I still have the Perennial Pioneer, but I also started a journal for myself, to share with others, my life. So, it is:
This is so fun, and I love to blog, as you can tell.