Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Week in Pictures

This week has been the busiest of the month for our family, and probably Anna's, too.
Tuesday night we had a band concert, Thursday night was our choir concert and a couple of other events. Last Saturday was our ballet recital and on Sunday night we had a sleepover at a friend's house. I've been able to see Anna everyday this week since Saturday!

Anna and I

Joel and Mrs. Edwards, our band teacher.

Left to right: Maureen, Jubilee, Esther,

Anna, and me.

The Capital City Singers.

Last night we went to Mongtomery Pops Concert.

Mother and an adorable little sweetheart.
Is he going to cry or laugh?
Left to right: Anna, Miriam (me), Rebekah,
Ashlyn, and Hannah.


Ella said...

Looks like you all are having a great time! (Anna told me how busy she is; you look the same!)

Mandy Grace said...

It looks like you've been very busy! So both of you play the flute? I just got a violin and have been having fun with it. :-) The only instrument I've played before is handbells, and that was a few years ago.

Have a blessed weekend!

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Miriam, and letting people know why we haven't been blogging much lately. This past week has definitely been on of the busiest in a long time, and this whole month we've been on the go. I sure enjoyed all the time spent with you, however!

Robert said...

Though you have been busy,it looks like you have had a lot of fun.

Do you live far away from Anna?

Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna and I live about 35 minutes apart.
And yes, it's been fun, too. Sometimes I don't look forward to the summer, because I don't want all of my activities to end. But, oh well. Fall will be here before we know it.


I like the picture: "Is he going to cry of laugh?" Little boys are so cute! (Of course, little girls are cute too!!) :) :)
That's so neat that you both play the flute. :)

An Ethereal Forest of Stars said...

Nice! I used to play the flute too :). I would still play it but I need a new one.

I also would love to play the violin and piano soon, I hope!