Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Make a Smoothie!

One of the things I've enjoyed doing these past weeks since warm weather arrived is to make a smoothie. On a hot afternoon, it's a perfect drink that not only quenches thirst, but also leaves you feeling quite refreshed!

I don't follow a recipe when I make a smoothie, for I find it fun to just experiment and use whatever happens to be on hand. No two smoothies turn out the same, but I find the variations new and exciting.

Here's a few ideas on what to put in your smoothie:

  • Frozen fruit - I usually use frozen strawberries, that we buy in a large bag from Sam's Club. I also used frozen blueberries before we used them up, which we pick and freeze from our own blueberry plants, and those of some friends.
  • Fresh fruit - core and cut up any fresh fruit that you have on hand - apples, pears, peaches, oranges, etc. They add nice texture and flavor, and it's a great way to use up fruit that's going bad.
  • Bananas - Though I don't put one in every time, bananas do help mellow the flavor, so that it's not too tangy.
  • Milk or juice - This helps your smoothie blend well, and makes it easier to drink.
  • Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate - I've found that adding a spoonful or two of this makes the smoothie absolutely yummy!
  • Sherbet - Though it doesn't make your smoothie as healthy as when it's made with only fruit, sherbet makes it taste great! It helps the texture be smooth and creamy, and makes the taste sweeter. I've used lime sherbet in the last few smoothies I've made, and it's been delicious.
  • Ice - If you want your smoothie a bit thicker, adding a few ice cubes can help.
When making the smoothie, it's best to start out blending the frozen fruit and milk or juice first. Often, I'll soften the frozen strawberries just a bit before putting them in the blender, to make it easier. Once the frozen fruit is pureed, then add the other fruit, juice concentrate, and sherbet. Add ice cubes to desired thickness. Taste your smoothie, and add a little more of whatever you want. If it's just not sweet enough, you can add a tad of sugar or honey - but you usually won't need this. Once you think it tastes good, enjoy!

There's no perfect way to make a smoothie, I've found. Simply experiment and have fun, and taste often! =) They always turn out scrumptious, no matter what combination of things you use. They're the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.

Oh - and be careful with the glass blenders. They sometimes tip over and break if you're not careful where you put them...


Perennial Pioneer said...

I make the most delicious smoothie, with bananas, and strawberries, with Odwalla Superfood, and flaxseed oil. I put some of the Garden of Life, green stuff, and it makes a really good smoothie, although my Dad and brother won't have some, because it is GREEN!

Ella said...

Our family makes smoothies quite frequently. I really like peaches in mine, and I could forgo the blueberries!

Smoothies are defintely a healthier alternative to ice cream or such.

Victoria said...

We have SO MUCH enjoyed the yummy surprise when you make them ! They are so satisfying to drink.

I am going to try to get a strong plastic blender container this time :-) It is definitely worth investing in one that lasts !

My sister, Judy, used to make them and I am so thankful you dear ones are willing to share with your families. Love, Mom

Anna S said...

I love smoothies too... and just like you, make different combinations all the time.

PS: while I write this, I'm enjoying another portion of homemade banana ice!

Elijah Lofgren said...

Good idea to post this, Anna.
I really enjoyed the smoothie you made yesterday. Thanks for all the cooking you do! You are truly a blessing.

Love ya,


Luke said...

Hey, how come you didn't make them when you were here??? :)
Guess we'll have to save that for another special time together!


Miriam Rebekah said...

Yummm, they sound delicious!

I haven't had a smoothie in quite some time. The idea is sounding nice. :)