Saturday, May 19, 2007

King's Praise Celebration 2007

Today is the day of The King's Praise Celebration 2007! My students have worked hard, and I hope everything goes well for God's glory.

We had dress rehearsal last Thursday, and my brother Elijah took pictures while we danced, and also took individual ballet portraits. He did a great job!

With all the added pictures, I updated the website . If you're interested, take a moment to browse the site, and see all the updated pictures. Specifically go to the Photo Gallery to see pictures from the rehearsal and the individual portraits. Enjoy!

It's hard to believe that I'll soon be done teaching until the fall... I've learned a lot through teaching, and have had a great time with my girls.

Praise God!


Ella said...

Anna, I am praying for you as I type this! I look forward to hearing how everything went!!

Luke said...

How beautiful! I especially like the pictures of the sisters together. So sweet! How I wish Danielle could take lessons from you. :)

Mrs. Hart said...

It was a delightful and worshipful experience. I feel SO blessed that my girls have had the experience of being your students and are learning to freely worship the "Lord of the Dance".

I encourage all of you reading this to check out Anna's slide show on the KingsPraiseBallet website. It will at least give you a "taste" of what I enjoyed today!

Mrs. Hart

Samantha said...

You guys were really good yesterday! I loved the music selection you had, Anna! The little girls were really fun to watch also!

Country Rosebud said...

like the whole thing! Where did you get the costumes for the Ballet Celebration? I would like to make some for my little sisters, for spring and summer fun!
Perennial Pioneer
P.S. I have a new blog, too. It is:
Come visit me there! I still have my current one, but this other one is for my journey to excellence. Would love to have you visit!

Anna Naomi said...

Ella, thank you for praying - everything went really well, praise God!

Michele, yes I wish you all were close enough for Danielle to take as well. =) Maybe one day you'll find a good teacher for her.

Mrs. Hart and Samantha, thanks for the encouragement! God helped it all come together - I couldn't have done anything without Him.

Laura, I ordered the dresses off of the following link:

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I love the photos!