Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

In celebration of Mother's Day, I thought I'd post the following poem, which I wrote for my mother 2 years ago.

A Mother's Job

A mother's job... hmm... not easy to define
Even more so when you have to make it rhyme!

A mother's job is... to feed, love, clothe, and care,
But that's not all, it doesn't just end there!

To a baby, her mother is everything she needs,
One to keep her dry and happy and satisfied indeed.

As the child grows a little older, and starts asking "why?"
The mother's there to explain life, all with a quick reply.

The child keeps growing, not always needing mom near
Yet mother's still there waiting, to help calm every fear.

When the child becomes a teen, mom becomes more of a friend
She stays close by to listen, and help guide her through each trend

One day mom's girl is not so little, in fact is really quite grown.
She packs up and leaves home forever, to a house all her own.

Yes, a mother's job is not easy, to guide and love and pray,
So to my mom who's doing it, have a Happy Mother's Day!

*by Anna Naomi Lofgren*

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