Friday, April 27, 2007

A New Camera!

Mother finally ordered her new camera and we've been enjoying the excellent quality. I can't wait to take pictures of things that aren't grainy or blurry. Here's just some random pictures we've taken.

A pretty female cardinal swinging on
a hanging limb.
A bold male cardinal awaiting his turn
to eat down below.

And a random shot of our fat cat, Picasso,
lying around.


Elijah Lofgren said...

Cool! Glad you were able to get one!

Thanks for posting the pictures.

- Elijah

Ella said...

What pretty pictures! I really like the cardinal

Robert said...

Nice pictures.I like the one of your cat.

Claire said...


Thanks for sharing!

Liz Brown said...

Hi! ;) I saw you commented on my blog, so I thought I'd stop over.

Just got a new camera myself today! :) I've been cameraless for 5 months now -- I can't wait to start taking pictures again ...


The picture of the cardinal is so pretty! It's been quite awhile since we last had a cat, the picture is really cute!

I recently posted a few pictures of my hamster on my blog that I took awhile back. :)