Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back to Journals

Last April, I wrote and posted a poem on my old blog called Letters to My Dearest. While I've enjoyed writing these letters in my diary, I now feel the need to stop them, and go back to just journaling. I didn't want to do it at first - after all, I had already blogged about it and everything! =) But, I feel it's needed. And, since the first post was written in poetry, I thought I should write a poem for this one as well...

The Letters to my Dearest
have come to an end.
I've gone back to the old way
of journaling instead.

The Letters were nice while
they lasted, 'tis true!
I learned a lot while writing them;
I matured and I grew.

However I was thinking, praying,
and looking ahead,
And decided that I'd rather keep
a plain journal instead.

I'll still let him read them,
to learn more about me,
But the journals will also be
a witness to posterity.

Perhaps one day my daughter
will read them as well,
And learn that her mother was also
a girl that often fell.

She could read all the lessons
God showed me as a teen.
Just perhaps comfort and insight
from their pages she'd glean.

The journals will also serve
as a reminder to me
Of what I have learned
and struggled through, as He

Has been my constant source
of comfort, strength and love;
And how in Him I've learned to rest
and seek all help from above.

My maiden years are a gift,
perhaps better spent
Not on thoughts of my future,
But on what I am sent

As I walk through this time
of maidenhood with my Father;
As I learn to focus on my Saviour,
and learn to be His daughter.

I'm still committed to purity
and waiting for God's timing.
I'll still probably have hopes
fill some pages with longing.

But the entries will not be focused
on a man as I write.
I'll instead record my life
As I live to be a light.

~by Anna Naomi Lofgren, April 3rd, 2007~

For more on my enjoyment of journaling, read the Joy of Journals.


Sheila said...

I can understand wanting to stop writing 'letters to him' if you were doing it instead of journaling, but let me share what I do! I have a diary I write in very frequently, however I also have a special box, in which I believe I now have 5 sealed letters to my future husband. The first one was written just over a year ago, so I don't try to do too many, but if I can have 20 or 30 by marriage, I will be overjoyed. I get to do both, and I don't spend too much time thinking only of the future. Perhaps I'll write a blog post on this... :)


Elijah Lofgren said...

Great poem Anna. I think you've made a good decision.

May God bless you as you continue on in this journey of faith called life.

Can't wait to see you in just over a month.

Love ya!

Your brother,


A heart of praise said...

I've been on your blog a few times now. I really admire your sewing abilities! The dresses that you make are so pretty! I just "created" a blog at:
:) I just made it today, so there is only one post so far. :)I like your idea of a "shared blog" (That way it's easier to keep up) :)

Anonymous said...

Good poem and great attitude. You are wise beyond your years!

Anna Naomi said...

Shelia, yes I've heard of people doing that as well. It can be a special thing to do. However, for now I'll probably just continue writing in my journal, which I'll probably still let him read one day. =)

Thanks, Elijah. I can't wait to see you either - I miss you so much!

A Heart of Praise, welcome to our blog! Yes, it is a joy to share. You look as though you have a great start of a blog.

Thanks anonymous, whoever you were; the encouragement is great!

Sheila said...

I just wrote a big long entry on my blog where I've shared a lot about these and other ideas, if anyone is interested in reading it! :D

Ella said...

Anna, did you find yourself getting discontent by doing the "letters to your dearest?" I don't know if I mentioned that I am doing that, but I write in it only once a month. However, regardless of why you did it, if God said to stop, then I am so glad you did.

I need to get better about jounaling for my own purposes. Mom keeps the family blog, but perhaps I need to have my own record as well. What do you think?

Anna Naomi said...

Shelia, I read your great post and left a comment. =)

Gabrielle, No, I wasn't exactly becoming discontent with waiting. The "Letters to my Dearest" really helped me focus on the fact that I am saving myself for one man. Writing him quite often reminded me of that. But, as my recent poem reads, I've thought more and more how I'd rather have the journals not only be shared with him, but perhaps with my children one day. It would be rather awkward to do that, if they were only addressed to him. That's why I've decided to do a more general journal, that I can read with him, and perhaps save for posterity.

I went back and forth before stopping for quite a while - more than a month, actually. I didn't want to, since I had already written them for so long, but I do feel that I need to, at least for now. It's just a person-by-person decision, I think. Also, it helps me focus more on God, more than my future. Thoughts of the future aren't bad, but too much preoccupation with it can be. My journal entries or letters have always ended with a prayer, and writing no one in particular helps me focus more of my thoughts to my heavenly Father.

Hope that explains it! I don't think letters to a future husband are a bad thing; it's just whatever God leads you to do.

As for journaling for yourself, it's something I enjoy doing. Sometimes I'll go without it for a while (like the last few months I haven't written much), but I really enjoy keeping a regular journal about what I thought and what happened in my little life. It's a fun trip down memory lane whenever I read them. =)

Sheila said...

Thanks Anna!!! I just responded to your response in another comment on my blog.

Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna, you truly have a talent for poems. They're always so good!

I've never written letters to "him", but I never really sat and thought about it, either. I'd like to sometime, just not right now. I'm really bad about keeping a journal, too. I want to keep one, but I rarely just sit down and write. I'm in the same journal that I got 3 years ago and it's not that full. :) Maybe one day I'll be more motivated, I guess just now right now.

HsKubes' Gal said...

Great decision! And what a wonderful poem you've made! It's so encouraging to see other young ladies leaning on the Lord and focusing on their present and how they can serve the Lord right where He put them!

Thank you for your comment on my blog a while back. I'm sorry it took so long to write back... I've been back and forth with doctors and have been resting. But now I'm starting to feel better, so I decided to return the comment.
Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Homeschool Haven of Hskubesgal

Claire said...

Very insightful. God bless you for your deep desire to serve Him!

Your Sister in Christ,

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I love journaling posts! I enjoyed both of yours, and I think you have come to a wise decision. My journals are written with the intent of being read by my children some day. Perhaps it will inspire them (and generations after) to begin their own record!

I have never written a letter to my future husband, but I have written a letter to an older me. I can't remember what I wrote in it, but it won't be opened until my 24th birthday! I can hardly wait!

Keep seeking His best!