Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring at the Hart's House

Here are a few pictures of the flowers blooming around our house. Here in Alabama, we have pretty much the same thing. Wisteria, Azaleas, and Dogwood are everywhere! Except, our dogwood doesn't bloom well here. God certainly knew what he was doing when he created this earth for us! It's beautiful!

Our petite, demure wisteria tree. =)
I couldn't resist the bee.
Joel and I, smiling for Mother

Yellow Jasmine, one of the sweetest
smelling flowers!

One of the first signs of spring. Too bad
it'll be gone soon. :)

Our wall of wisteria across the road.
It goes on...

and on...

and on.

What a wonderful Creator we have!!
I can't wait till Mother gets her new camera. I can get pictures with a lot better clarity.


Hazel said...

How very beautiful.

Victoria said...

WOW ! God seems to be giving an amazingly beautiful display of His Glory this spring !
May His Kindness lead many to repentance and to give PRAISE and GLORY to HIM,
The KING of Creation.

Hallelu YAH !

Love, Anna's mom

Ella said...

Very beautiful! You and Anna are very blessed to have your wisteria in bloom right now!

Truly, God has created some beautiful specimens! And He has given them to us for our enjoyment!

Claire said...

Gorgeous! We don't have any wisterias by us... I couldn't have even told you what they look like. But they're STUNNING!

Thanks for sharing!


Elijah Lofgren said...

Wow, great pictures. Even though purple really isn't a favorite color, I have to say: those flowers are beatiful!

Enjoy the warm weather! I prefer hot to cold. ;)

- Elijah

Anna Naomi said...

Lovely, lovely. God's creation truly is amazing. I too prefer warmth to cold... but talk to me in the middle of the summer and I may have a different opinion. =)

Miriam Rebekah said...

I like the pic you chose for the sidebar, Anna.

Hi Hazel, welcome to our blog!

Robert said...

The flowers look nice.I agree that the purple flowers are pretty.

Amy said...

We have some wisteria in our yard and it is beautiful! I love the smell of it. I'm so glad spring has finally come!

Lydia said...

That is very pretty Miriam! Thank you for sharing the pictures! It helps me imagine it even better. (I remember how, back home it was so pretty in the spring!) Here in Georgia, I haven't seen any wisteria.
We have some dogwoods and some other flowers on campus! I really like spring time!
-Lydia L.

Ednella said...

While I prefer hot to cold, those pictures are *looks for a word that isn't taken yet* pulchritudinous! (A very long word that merely means beautiful ;-) .)