Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ladies Tea

This morning, mom and I had a wonderful time at a tea with the ladies from our church. We went to Gracie's Tea Room in Montgomery - a delightful place! They had wonderful tea and food, and a beautiful atmosphere. They even had hats to wear while you had tea, which was a lot of fun! I have a confession to make... *whispers* I don't like tea. Shocking, I know! However, they had a delicious tea called "Hannah" which was delightful, for it didn't have that "tea taste". =) All in all, it was a fun time - although I was the only teen there!

Mom found a lacy shawl that went perfectly with my purple dress. I always enjoy having the excuse to wear one of my long, full dresses. It made me feel like a princess!

All ready for the tea party

The table mom and I were at. It was so pretty!

All the ladies with their various hats - each one a little different!

After the tea, we spent a day out, shopping and such. I had two different women ask me about my dress, and upon hearing that I made it, ask if I sewed for others! I told them that at this point, I was too busy just sewing for my dance students and family. Maybe one day...


Elijah Lofgren said...

Cool! Glad you had fun!

You're link is missing a colon after the http so Blogger added a http:// and the link doesn't work. ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday,


Robert said...

It looks like you had a fun time.Did you eat the finger sandwiches and desserts? I liked the hat that you wore.That was a nice compliment those ladies made about your sewing.

Miriam Rebekah said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Too bad I was so busy, I might have sneaked along and come with you. :)
I love hats, and all of those are pretty!

The recital went well and I probably played my piece the second best that I ever have. In my division I was given Honorable Mention (pretty much the same as Third Place). I was happy to get anything. Oh, and they gave T-shirts to all of the winners and evidently that included me. :)

Luke said...

How fun!!! That would be fun to do sometime. Our little family likes to have tea parties at home. Of course, the boys mainly come for the food, but Danielle and I have a great time dressing up!

Anna Naomi said...

Elijah, thanks for pointing that out; I'll go fix it.

Robert, yes, we ate scones, little sandwiches, and desserts. It was yummy! It was fun picking out the hat - it went with my dress. =)

Miriam, I would have really enjoyed having you along, but I'm glad your recital went well! Congratulations on getting third place!

Michele, yes it would be fun! Maybe one day we can have a sister's tea party... But I don't know if we'd be able to talk everyone into coming... ;-) Jubilee didn't want to go to this one!

frazzledsister said...

Anna, I accidentally deleted your nice comment this morning. Thanks anyway! I just get so used to automatically clicking on the "reject" button because of the spam comments I get.
Thanks again!

thepatriot said...

Anna Anna Anna! I sewed my skirt onto my shirt and now it's a dress!!! I can't believe it's near to being finished. Let the world be shocked at hearing that Jennifer Duff will be finishing a dress in under 6 months. Just wanted to share that with you.. :) Sewing gets exciting when you actually see the finished product.

The shawl really looks nice with your dress!

I have a question... how many times did it take for you to sew a dress with your mom's help before you could make one all on your own?

Anna Naomi said...

Emily, you're welcome! If you don't want spam comments, you could put the visual verification on.

Jen, Yipee! Isn't it exciting when you get close to finishing? The point where the skirt and bodice is joined is always where I start getting excited. It shows that all those funny looking pieces actually worked out to make something beautiful! I can't wait for pictures. =)

Let's see... I sewed a lot of doll clothes when I was 9-10, so I eventually got to the point that I could do it myself (not sure how long that took). However, when I started sewing a dress when I was 13, I'd forgotten a lot of it. Miriam Lofgren helped me a lot with that first dress, then I made the second one (for Jubilee, absolutely identical) without help. Then I made the matching dresses for Miriam Hart and I, and I think I did those pretty much on my own. I may have asked a few things, but after making those two first dresses, I pretty much knew what I was doing. ;-) There may have been a few other tricky things I asked Miriam about later... I don't remember.

Ella said...

Anna, you look as if you had a very great time! I do find it odd that you don't like tea:-0 Mom and I love to go to tea rooms; I ought to make a dress like yours and wear it sometime.

Anna Naomi said...

Ella, I know, I'm weird! =) For some reason I never acquired a taste for tea or coffee. I have tried to like tea, but I don't like most. Now coffee... I don't even like the smell of that!

Perennial Pioneer said...

I really like your tea pictures. I especially like your costumes.

I have a blog that is for young ladies who are trying to reclaim feninity. It is as follows! Would like visitors!
In Christ,
Laura Hines AKA Perennial Pioneer

A Girl form the Past said...

Wow! looks like you had a lot of fun, and your dress and shawl look lovely toghter!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Lovely! I enjoy tea very much (I'm sorry you don't), and tea parties are so much fun!

Claire said...

Love your outfit!