Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from both of us at Maidens of Worth! We pray that you have a special, love-filled day with family and friends.

On this day that focuses so much on love, it's all too easy to get discouraged if you don't have a "significant someone". There's no one to bring you a dozen red roses symbolizing true love. However, purpose instead to be like a white rose - a rose of purity.

It's no accident that Maidens of Worth uses white roses in their graphics. These roses represent purity; they're a reminder to all of us that we should keep ourself pure. Purity is a lovely thing, just like these bright, beautiful roses.

In addition to purity, modesty is something very important. Modesty helps us stay pure. As a Valentine's Day gift from 1,600 Christian guys to all girls around the world, The Rebelution has just released the results of the Modesty Survey! It was a massive project, with tons of work, but the Modesty Survey Team has done a fantastic job!

Most importantly, the survey recognizes that this is a list of suggestions - not legalistic rules. It is accompanied by the Modesty Survey Petition, signed by a multitude of guys, which encourages us women to focus on the heart of modesty, not on the outward appearance, although it is important.

Guys, they are still accepting signatures for the Modesty Survey Petition, so this is an opportunity for you to still share your voice on the topic of modesty! Also, read through the survey, and see how your answers compare to those of other Christian guys around the world.

Girls, take the time to read through the modesty survey with an open heart. It's a wonderful encouragement, especially to us girls who have already been careful to dress modesty. This helps us realize one of the reasons why we take the time to dress as we do: to help our brothers in Christ. This also offers us a rare glimpse into a guy's mind!

It may take a while for the survey to load, but take the time, and check it out!


Miriam Rebekah said...

I haven't been able to check it out yet. The server had an overload from too many people viewing it at one time. :)
I guess I'll have to wait awhile.

Anna Naomi said...

I didn't get to finish it. =( But, I look forward to when it's back up and running!

Mandy Grace said...

Happy Valentine's Day! From what little I saw of the survey this morning, it looked great! I pray they get it back up soon.

Luke said...

Thank you for the e-card, Anna! I hope you have a blessed Valentine's Day! The kids had a lot of fun giving each other Valentine's this evening. We sent you all some, but they will be late. :) Love you!

Ella said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Anna and Miriam. I am going to look at the survery soon!