Monday, January 29, 2007

Esther's Apron

Hi everyone! My mother and I worked together and made this apron for my sister, Esther. She'd been wanting something made out of kitty fabric for quite a while and we decided to make an apron for her. Then we decided to make aprons for all of my youngest siblings. For Caleb, we're using a forest camo fabric, and for Andrew, a desert camo fabric. Caleb and Andrew's are almost finished, but Esther's is done. So enjoy the pictures!
Esther wearing her new apron!

Esther's apron is reversible, so this is her other side.


Anna Naomi said...

How cute! I'm sure she enjoys wearing her apron!

Luke said...

Be sure to post when you finish the boys! I would be interested in the pattern. My boys would really like army aprons.


Mandy Grace said...

That's pretty. I think aprons make cooking more fun. :-)

Lydia said...

I like the aprons! You all did a good job! It's fun to keep up with what is going with you all through the blog!!!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Michele, I will be posting pictures of the boys aprons no matter how much they may not want to be published on a blog. :)
I'll trace a copy of the apron and then when you come back here or Anna goes back there, it will be given to you. ;)

Mandy Grace and Lydia, I'm glad you like them.