Saturday, November 18, 2006

Miriam's 16th Birthday pictures

I had a wonderful time spending Thursday and Friday night with Jubilee at the Hart's house in celebration of Miriam's 16th birthday! As it usually is when we get together, we took quite a few pictures! Enjoy! =)

Miriam serenaded us on her birthday.

We wore our matching dresses, which I made for Miriam's 15th birthday. Was it really a whole year ago?

Care for some cake? Mrs. Lavonne made a delectable pound cake - Butterscotch Pecan. Yum!

Miriam opens my present to her - a hoop skirt! Every 16 year old girl needs one of those - right? :-)

This morning we modeled our new hoops, wearing the pioneer dresses I'd made for Jubilee and I. Miriam wore mine, and I wore Jubi's, which was a bit shorter, but still fit well!

Miriam looked lovely in the deep maroon color.

Southern Belles, coming down the stairs

We felt a little like mushrooms or cakes, but hoopskirts are fun!


Ella said...

I wish I had a hoop skirt!! They look like so much fun. I can also see that you had a great time together!

Anna Naomi said...

They are fun, Ella. I got ours off of ebay for a pretty good price. You could ask for one for Christmas, if you wanted. =)

Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna, can you tell that we were both trying not to laugh? After I looked at the picture, I remembered that we were holding in laughter for some reason. I think it was one of my brothers doing something.

Ella, the hoop skirt is lots of fun. I was so surprised to get one. They make you feel like you're floating.

Anna Naomi said...

Yes, we were trying not to laugh, and not really succeeding. I remember it... Jubilee was standing to the side making weird faces, and I started laughing, then you did as well! =)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Lovely! I am glad you all had a good time!

Anonymous said...

How fun!
I remember Susan trying to make her own hoopskirt when we were younger. It didn't turn out very well! That would be very fun to have real hoopskirts, even though I doubt we'd have anywhere to wear them!

Anna Naomi said...

That's funny, Hannah! =) I looked at patterns for hoopskirts before ordering them, but it looked like it would take too long and be too much of a pain to find all the wire and so on. I don't think we'll wear ours very much except for special dressy occasions, or just picture taking, but I figure that it's an investment, for one day we'll probably wear them with our wedding dress!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Sorry, Blogger has not been letting us publish a comment that was made on this post.

Bryant said, Oooooh, those dresses with the hoop-skirts are sooooo pretty! Where did you get them??? And what about the pattern for those dresses??? You both look so gorgeous and feminine!!!"

Bryant, The pioneer dresses is a Butterick #3992. Anna made both of those dresses, but I'm hoping to make one in the future. The colonial dresses are Simplicity #5041. I made the blue one and Anna made the pink one. It was a sewing project we did together.
Welcome to our blog!

Maria Pauline said...

Neat hoop skirts! I'd probably settle for some nice dresses though. :D

You look so old and elegant!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stop by your blog quite frequently. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts and how much inspiration I (as a 30 year old mother of 4) get from you two young ladies and your families. Last night as I was catching up on your blog posts, my 20 month old daughter was sitting with me. Every time I would scroll past one of the pictures of your hoop skirts, she would gasp. She was very impressed.
Since I do visit here a lot, my husband put a link to your blog on our blog, which you can see at . Blessings,

Anna Naomi said...

We are a family of six: Welcome to our blog! I'm glad you enjoy reading the posts. Your little daugther sounds really cute. I guess girls in hoopskirts are a pretty rare site! =) Thanks for the link!