Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What a surprise!!

Well, it started like a normal day. I woke up at 6 a.m., had devotions, ate breakfast while checking things online, and got to work on book learning. Finishing math, science, history, and Bible around 10:30 a.m., I started writing a blog post - which I suppose I shall put off posting until tomorrow. Finishing it around 11:30 a.m., I started typing it into the computer.

Suddenly, the phone rang! Recalling that mom was at a Bible study, I answered the phone, preparing to take a message. Instead, someone on the other end asked for Anna Lofgren. "This is she," I replied. Bewildered, I heard the lady on the phone say she was from some organization, and that I'd been nominated for the sweetest girl award! I was really thrown off. "What phony thing is this?" I wondered to myself. To the lady I said, "Who is this??" "Guess," she replied. "Well.... Is it Betsy?" I wondered. (Betsy was my counselor at dance camp, and the person on the phone kind of sounded like her). "No this is Jennifer Duff!" the voice replied. I was totally shocked. I had just gotten a phone call from my twin in Nebraska!

Jennifer and I "met" through email and blogs last February. We'd figured out that we had a lot in common, and surprisingly share the exact same birthday. Since February, we've been writing epistles... I mean emails... to each other, and it's been so encouraging to find a friend who goes through the exact same things I do. We haven't met yet, but hope to as soon as possible.

It was such a joyful thing to realize that I was talking to the Jennifer - especially since I'd never even heard her voice before. To be talking to someone that I'd only written to for 8 months, yet had never talked to or seen face-to-face was so neat! We continued talking about things we'd written each other about, and she unveiled to me a really fun-sounding plan. =)

Friends are such a blessing, even those I've never met. I've had a wonderful time "meeting" new friends online, and learning from and with them. Thanks for all the encouragement you all have been to me! And thank you, Jen, for that wonderful surprise you gave me today. It was such fun!


thepatriot15 said...

It was great to finally hear your voice, Anna! :)

You have been such a close friend to me already... thank God for the internet!

Miriam Rebekah said...

How wonderful that you got to talk to Jennifer, Anna! Hope y'all had a great talk.

Ella said...

Anna, I had an experience like that with my dear friend, Alice, a couple of weeks ago. I was not expecting her call at all. I couldn't even recall how she had my number. We have never met, but we hope to one day. Truly, true friends are a gift from God! Glad it made your day!

Elijah Lofgren said...

"and she unveiled to me a really fun-sounding plan. =)"

Hmm... Sounds interesting. ;)

Any clues?

Anna Naomi said...

Well, with Jennifer and I, you know that it has to involve dance... ;-)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

What fun!

Susan said...

How fun! It reminds me of when Jessie and I got to meet. It was so neat to finally hear her voice!

Alex Jordan Harris said...

That's great, Naomi. =)

And thanks for explaining the whole "twin" thing with you and Jennifer. I forget where I first read that, but it had me semi-confused. =P