Monday, September 18, 2006

Visit to Georgia: Hurricane Falls

My apologies to anyone who may be tired of pictures, or who might be on a slow internet connection. However, posting pictures here is much easier to allow my far-away family and friends to see. I hope you enjoy seeing the following pictures of our recent visit to Toccoa Falls, Georia, to visit Lydia at college. It was fun seeing her again, and the waterfalls were beautiful!

Pretty soon after arriving at Lydia's college, we set out on our first adventure. The first hike we took was to Hurricane Falls, a 20-30 minute drive from Toccoa Falls College - with us 4 Lofgren girls crammed into a backseat. =) It was a lot of fun, however. Surprisingly, I actually found myself enjoying the 1-2 hour hike - this from a girl who used to hate any hiking whatsoever! It was fun to be in God's beautiful creation, and the walk was very refreshing, despite the (literally) thousands of steps.

Hurricane Falls was beautiful!
'Twas so picturesque

There were many different overlooks to see the waterfall

With my dearly missed Lydia

Miriam and I take a rest on the rail


Susan said...

That looks like fun :). I'm trying to think if I've ever been to Toccoa. I'm not an athletic girl at all, but I love hiking on occasion, to enjoy God's beautiful creation. And I also find that hiking in a skirt is quite doable :) - much more fun, in fact. That's a really nice skirt, btw.

Susan said...

And you know, sometime when you're in Georgia, around Buford way (NE of Atlanta) you really should call and stop for a visit :). You probably live the closest of any of my blog friends, minus Ashley, who lives very near me.

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for the invitation, Susan! =) We drive through Atlanta quite a bit on our way to various places. Maybe someday we can work something out. :-)

Yes, hiking in a skirt is quite doable. In fact, I really enjoyed it!

Susan said...

That's interesting that you make it through Atlanta so often. I only make it to Alabama once every year or two, and then only because one of my best friends used to live near Huntsville (now near Birmingham). It would be fun if you ever have some extra time, and could stop for a meal or a night :).

Anna Naomi said...

Yes, I always think when we're going to or through Atlanta, "Hmm... Susan lives somewhere around here..." =) Someday it would be fun to meet someone that I've only "met" through writing!